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Free Alan Yurko, Political Prisoner

Please help Alan Yurko. He is innocent, and I consider him a political prisoner who vitally needs our help to regain his freedom. Please read and relay this Alan Yurko Project Update to others in your networks along with the linked form letter to be mailed as soon as possible.

Len Horowitz


· Thanks to all whom have sent letters to our State Attorney's. Our lead appellate attorney has requested audience with our State Attorney Lawson Lamar, however, we really need the letters to keep coming in over the next several weeks. If you haven't already, please contact our State Attorneys by email, fax, phone and/or mail (use one standard letter format with cc's to both parties) stating that you wish for the case of Florida vs. Alan R. Yurko (CR98-1730) be reopened and reexamined in light of new evidence and in the interest of justice. A form letter, easily downloaded is available here:
Copy To:                                                                        

Lawson Lamar
Office of The State Attorney
P.O. BOX 1673
Orlando, FL 32802
Tel (407) 836-2400
Fax (407) 836-2499

Charles Crist
State Attorneys Office
The Capital, Rm. PL-01
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050
Tel (850) 487-1963
Fax (850) 487-2564


· After several months of Francine's job hunting and multiple resume submissions, she landed a great job through an agency as a Regional Office Manager with an organization that raises/trains assistance dogs for the disabled. She loved the job. However, she was fired after only two weeks. The organization looked into The YurkoProject and fired Francine citing a very vague "conflict of interest" reason. Francine was being fired because of The Yurko Project. These are very scary times for us, as we believe it will be difficult for her to find a job. The financial pressures have been staggering, so much so that Francine had to take temporary 1-day labor job stuffing envelopes to help with groceries. If anyone has any contacts in Orlando who may have an opening or can help Francine gain employment, please let us know ASAP. Most people do not know this but, by far, the biggest financial donations to The Yurko Project have come from Francine Yurko's paychecks. She's our top benefactor.


Francine was interviewed by ABC-WFTV: and CBS-WKMG not only interviewed with Francine, but was at the prison on 7 March 2003 to interview with Alan. Further details to come.

The Orlando Weekly reported on the medical examiner's gross autopsy errors of the case: and both Francine and Alan have been interviewed by The Orlando Sentinel, which will be out soon.

An investigative reporter out of Ft. Myers (ABC-WZVN) is interviewing our own Dr Robie Murdock about the case and The Orlando Fox network has expressed interest now as well.

On 28 Feb/1 Mar 03 Francine was in Tampa and Naples filming with Gary Null, Ph.D. to be included in his upcoming documentary "The Drugging Of Our Children." Our appellate lawyer Loren Rhoton and Dr. Murdock also participated. As well, Judy Davis of The Best of Judy Davis has expressed interest in doing a documentary and Fintan Dunne's shocking journalism on the toxicological findings is still making waves:

The website has received more than 15,000 and 16,000 hits in January and February and we've got upcoming stories to be published in Amberwaves: The Journal of Planetary Health as well as the recent story in The Civil Abolitionist, The Dixon Tribune and the syndicated Dear Lee columns. Much more is in the pipeline!

The closer we get to resolution, the tougher it gets. The pressure of financial difficulties and 5.5 years of struggle are taking tolls on us. We really do need your help and support now more than ever.

Alan & Francine Yurko
The YurkoProject

For Legal Defense Fund Contributions:
(via FreeYurkoWebsite)


Mrs. Francine Yurko
C/o The YurkoProject
P.O. Box 585965
Orlando, FL 32858-5965 USA
Tel/Fx (407) 291-4344
(no 'o' in wrld)

Chiropractors Hero Fund
C/o The Yurko Project
630 Vernon Avenue, Suites F&H
Glencoe, Illinois 60022 USA
Tel (847) 835-4700
Dr. Warren Bruhl / Email:

The Yurko Project -UK
C/o Michael Nield (CCMRF -UK Pres.)
16 Stanley Court
Tel  01 223 574 853

Francine Yurko (NMW)
...Alan Yurko was wrongfully sentenced to serve life + ten years for the death of his baby boy as a cover for what has since been discovered to be and can be proved to be medical malpractice. This could happen to any one of us.
Please find out more...get involved!


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