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America's Concerns

Changing Federal Overtime Rules

March 27, 2003

The Bush Administration today proposed changing federal overtime rules and eroding the 40-hour workweek--reducing overtime protections and cutting the pay of hundreds of thousands of America's workers.  

Overtime pay is important to many working people in America who rely on it to support their families. Please take one minute right now to register your opposition to harmful changes in the federal overtime rules by clicking on the link below to send a fax to President Bush and a copy to your senators and representative.

With a failing economy, millions out of work and staggering health care and prescription drug costs, this is a burden America's workers should NOT have to bear. The overtime rules protect workers from bosses who would impose unbearably long hours if they didn't have to pay extra for overtime work. Many workers would have less predictable work schedules because of the increased demand for overtime work.

Working families struggled for years to win the 40-hour work week, the weekend and other job protections like this. Please register your opposition to this step backward by clicking on the link above.

The Bush overtime reform proposal,

+ Excludes previously protected workers by reclassifying them as managers, administrative or professional employees who are not eligible for overtime pay;

+ Fails to automatically include large numbers of low-income workers;

+ For the first time, excludes certain middle-income workers from overtime protections by adding an income test;

+ Removes from overtime protection large numbers of workers in the aerospace, defense, health care, high tech and various other industries;

+ Makes schedules less predictable for some working moms and dads;

+ Proposes confusing standards for low-income supervisors;

America's workers who are overseas at war deserve a strong, vibrant economy when they return home. Send your fax to George W. Bush now by clicking on the link below:

Visit the web address below to tell your friends, family and co-workers about this.

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for the Working Families e-Activist Network at:


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