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"We Have Lost the 'War'"

By Dian Hardison
April 18, 2003

The most powerful military in the history of the planet took on a fourth-world country. The powerful country lost.

Oh, sure, the powerful military murdered outright thousands of innocent and unarmed people and a handful of underequipped defenders, so many that they had to be bulldozed into mass graves. Such a thing for which to be proud. So proud that the draft-dodgers of the illegal administration are ordering that the media not report on the murder and slaughter, and have actually fired on the hotel housing a journalist who did so.

Yes, the powerful military helped steal, loot, and destroy national and historical treasures, while protecting oil resources for their own illegitimate bosses and at the orders of oil corporations.

Since when is the military run by oil corporations? Since the turn of the millennium, at least.

Now the war criminals of Israel are demanding that their pet lap-puppets in Washington go after Syria and Iran, and anyone else who has oil, gold, diamonds, or drugs to steal. Gleeful at the prospect of proving himself a "real man" via video war, the wartime-deserting drunk is even waxing loudly ineloquent about invading Cuba.

Our veterans of this "war" are already suffering and dying from the long-term effects of the weapons they were provided by Dick Cheney's Halliburton. The "cleanup" contracts have already been awarded to George H. W. Bush's Carlyle Group. Both highly lucrative deals for the upper management. At taxpayer expense, or course.

By infuriating the rest of the world in the name of "fighting terrorism," the Bush Crime Cabal has invited more terrorist attacks on our own soil. By boot-stomping the rights and freedoms of our own citizens, the Bush regime has destroyed the democracy for which it claims to fight. By proxy, of course, since the cowards of the crime cartel have never themselves fought outside of a boardroom.

Oh, sure, the USA has conquered another territory, and taken it over for the profit of the few. But we have lost sympathy and stature in the eyes of the rest of the planet's six billion people. We have lost the war.

And if you doubt that, I invite you to imagine what YOUR response would be to an armed takeover, "liberation," and destruction of YOUR home.


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