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Israeli writer says Human-Bombers
are Natural Reaction to Zionist Repression
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By Uri Avnery
Occupied Jerusalem: 25 March, 2002 (IAP News)

A well known Israeli author who writes columns describes Palestinian suicide bombers, as a logical response to Israeli repression and oppression of the Palestinian people.

"When an entire community seethes with rage, it becomes a dangerous enemy, because rage doesn't obey orders; when this rage overflows, it creates suicide bombers-human bombs fueled by the power of anger, against whom there is no defense," wrote Uri Avnery in the Israeli daily Ha'aretz yesterday.

He analyzed that human bombers are the only result of Israeli army's genocidal operations against Palestinian towns, villages, and refugee camps throughout the west Bank and Gaza Strip.

"Whenever tanks run rampant in the center of a town, crushing cars, and demolishing walls, tearing up roads, shooting indiscriminately in all directions, causing panic to a whole population-it induces helpless rage.

"When soldiers crush through a wall into the living room of a family, causing shock to children and adults, ransacking their belongings, destroying the fruits of a life of hard work, and then break the wall to the next apartment to wreak havoc there, it induces rage.

"When soldiers shoot at everything that moves-out of panic, out of lawlessness, or because Sharon told them "to cause losses," it induces rage."

Avnery maintains that the whole Palestinian population bless the human-bombers because they avenge the humiliation and torment meted to them by Israeli occupation soldiers .

He added that the Israeli public is dumbfounded by this terrible phenomenon because it can't understand it and because it didn't know or didn't want to know what happened in the Palestinian towns and villages.

He accused the "obedient media" in Israel of suppressing vital information and withholding the truth from Israelis.

He also accused the Bush administration of naivete, saying the Americans, like the Israelis, didn't understand what they were doing.

"When an overbearing vice-president dictates humiliating terms for a meeting with Arafat, he pours oil on the flames. A person who lacks empathy for the suffering of the occupied people, who doesn't understand its condition, would be well advised to shut up."

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