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State-Backed Jewish
Terrorists Depopulate Arab Villages

Occupied Jerusalem:  19 October, 2002 (IAP News)

A flechette removed from a Child's body at a Al-Awda Hospital due to the Israeli's shelling north Gaza. Feb. 2003

FLECHETTES: Flechettes are about the size of an average nail with small fins at one end to stabilize them in flight. They can be packed inside tank shells or in "ambush busters" fired from an M-16 and tanks. They penetrate deep into the body.

Mike..." A seed in the Fruit of Palestine"

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Messianic Jewish terrorists have succeeded through systematic terrorizing in forcing the inhabitants of six Palestinian families out of their village.

On Friday, six Palestinian families set out from the West Bank village of Hirbat Yanun, leaving it completely abandoned.

Once home to 25 families, members of the Sobih clan said they were fleeing after four years of worsening attacks by Jewish settlers who have set up illegal outposts on nearby hilltops. The attacks have become increasingly frequent in recent months, they said.

Groups of masked Jewish terrorists repeatedly attacked and terrorized the village, coming at night with dogs and horses, stealing sheep, hurling stones through windows and beating the men with fists and rifle butts, Palestinian residents told reporters.

An electricity generator has been scorched by fire, knocking out power to the village. Three large water tanks were tipped over and emptied, the residents said.

Palestinians complain bitterly of land stolen at gun point by Jewish terrorists backed by Israeli army troops. Yanun is believed to be the first time in recent years that Palestinians have abandoned an entire village due to organized Jewish terrorism.

An Israeli army spokesman admitted that the army was ordered by the government not to provide protection for the Palestinians from the settlers because "forces are here primarily to protect Jews."

Palestinians have appealed to the international community to protect them from what they describe as a slow-motion genocide by Israel.

The Palestinians accuse the West, especially the US, of colluding with Israel to effect the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in order to allow for the creation of a pure Jewish state in Palestine.
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