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It is a fact that that the United States has political prisoners. One of them, Mumia Abu-Jamal is on death row for a crime he did not commit. Another famous political prisoner is Leonard Peltier who has been incarcerated in Leavenworth prison for 25 years for a crime he did not commit. Four Puerto Rican patriots who are just as patriotic as John Hancock and George Washington are in prison because of the United States' desire to maintain hegemony over Puerto Rico. Additionally, there are about 100 more who are in prison who are not guilty of anything either. Marilyn Buck is one such person. She is in California. Documentation will be provided on these pages to prove to you that these people should not be in prison at all and no one should be on death row.
   The fact that Mumia Abu-Jamal is on death row is simply because of his affiliation with the Black Panther Party, an organization which strives to help the African American community. It is documented in a book entitled The Cointelpro Papers: Documents from the FBI's Secret Wars against Dissent in the United States by Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall 1990 South End Press, Boston, Massachusetts USA.
   An excellent book, it documents atrocities by the FBI toward the Black Panther Party (BPP), American Indian Movement (AIM) and the Puerto Rican Independence Movement. This is why Leonard Peltier is in prison despite the fact that he too never killed anyone and the Puerto Rican patriots never harmed anyone either.
   The balance of the political prisoners are incarcerated because of the FBI's agenda for people of color and those who would sympathize with people of color's plight.
   There is a true story about a poor woman in Texas who though a "white" person, has undergone undue hardship and the incarceration of her two sons because she cares about the African Americans with whom she associates. You will read her story on these pages. Her name is Brenda Pitts Bennett.
   Then, just to attempt to alleviate the consequences of police brutality, we will publish a story on these pages which is the result of such an intense action by the police toward people of color-any color-that police have been killed.
   My question is, when is all the killing going to stop? I submit that it will stop when the police treat people of color with respect. Whether they are racist is debatable; they are, in my opinion, carrying out police brutality because they are required to do so because of the FBI's agenda  for people of color.
   As a "white" person who lived all her life in Los Angeles enduring earthquakes, I want to share with you what happened to O. J. Simpson also because he may not be in physical prison but he is in figurative prison because the vast majority of "white" people think he is guilty while the vast majority of African Americans know that he is innocent. Not only does this dichotomy have to end, it is illogical. O. J. Simpson didn't murder his ex-wife; they were in the process of reconciling. They were in therapy with Dr. Susan Forward, the brilliant psychotherapist in hope of saving their marriage.
   It is bizarre because we observe African Americans married to or in relationships with "whites" in the United States but the reality is that not only do the police take an antagonistic view of these relationships but seek to incarcerate African Americans in what I and others call concentration camps known to people as prison for the specific purpose to exterminate them .
   I know what earthquakes are like having lived with them all my life until the day before my forty seventh birthday when I moved to New York. They do not make thud sounds as The New York Times stated that Brian  Kaelen Kato asked his girlfriend when he was speaking with her on the telephone when he heard a thud sound. He said to her, "Did we just have an earthquake" to which she replied, "No." He continued, "because I just heard a thud sound."
   Immediately, when I read that, I knew that O.J. Simpson was innocent because earthquakes do not make thud sounds but the removal of surveillance bugs do.
   Furthermore, powerful interests in the United States do not want Dr. Susan Forward's work to become established in people's minds. This is the reason why Dr. Forward was discredited when she spoke out which other press reported. Dr. Forward is a gifted psychotherapist whose work would benefit anyone who is privileged to obtain it. If this is not enough to convince anyone reading this editorial of O. J. Simpson's innocence allow me to submit more.
   O. J. Simpson's Bronco was parked outside of his property that morning. Isn't it just possible that someone else drove it away the night before and then returned it later? I imagine that the person tampered with the ignition to make it appear that O. J. drove it to Nicole's home.
   Furthermore, all the knives which the manufacturer had in stock that were identical to that which Mr. Simpson purchased were sold. That fact wouldn't have meant anything except for the fact that this particular knife was not a popular item according to a story in The New York Times July 3, 1994 page 14 in the National Report section of the newspaper. It seems strange to me that all of a sudden all of this particular knife were sold.
   There are many parallels between O. J. Simpson's life and mine. I understand his depression, his suicidal tendency, and why he beat Nicole. This does not mean that he did not love her. He was a victim of a severely dysfunctional home because, as The New York Times stated, his father beat him with a belt when he even bothered to visit O. J. as a child. Male children who suffer beatings go on to beat their children and partners, whether or not they are married or co-habitating.
   PLEASE DEMAND that the items that O.J. relinquished to the Goldman family be returned to him and allow the Goldman family and the Brown family to sue for damages against the United States government instead of persecuting O.J. Simpson. He is innocent. Allow him to sue too.
   It is my understanding that the police work in conjunction with the FBI. We know what the FBI is now so that places culpability on the Los Angeles Police Department. We know that Mark Fuhrman is a racist; that in and of itself is sufficient to pose suspicion on the LAPD with regard to this case.
   According to an article published on June 13, 1994 in The New York Times the estimated time of the killing was 11 P.M. Nicole's mother stated that she spoke with Nicole about 10 P.M. that night according to another article published in The New York Times  June 19, 1994 page A10. Moreover, the police didn't arrive at O. J.'s home until 5 A.M. the following morning to advise him of his wife's death. Why? The police department claimed that they wanted to see if O.J. Simpson was all right. Why then did they wait until several hours if they were so concerned about O. J.'s safety. If someone wanted to murder O.J. that person would have done that immediately after murdering Nicole and Mr. Goldman since O. J. lived only 5 minutes away by automobile from Nicole's condominium.
   Had President Kennedy lived, the FBI would not have existed now. This agency  moreover, would not have been able to intrude on groups such as the Michigan Militia which take matters into their own hands by perpetuating violence in return. This editor firmly believe that violence doesn't solve any problem. Indeed, violence only creates problems.
   What happened in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 only tends to prove this opinion. This edition of my magazine is also devoted to the survivors of those lost in the Oklahoma City blast which took the lives of innocent children and adults who had no control over the circumstances.
   My feeling about the federal government is that they need to become circumspect in what they do with regard to the people who live in the United States and elsewhere. As one who has never lived in any other country I cannot speak with any authority on any other situation, however, it seems to me that the situation between Northern Ireland and Great Britain is a parallel to that which people in America face with regard to domestic terrorism.
   The point I wish to make to federal governments is to look to yourselves in your relationships with the people you serve. A fact I learned during my educational experience is that good paying jobs solve crime. Naturally, the absence of illegal drugs also solves most crime, though not all.
   People's feelings need to be understood in order that we can solve problems. If we do not understand why someone does what he or she does, we will not solve this type of problem. Many of us have survived the loss of someone in our family. The loss is overwhelming; the son or daughter can never be brought back to us. I know.
   My heart goes out to those who have lost a child or a spouse. May peace be in your heart as soon as humanly possible.

Arlene Johnson


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