Please copy this page, fold it into thirds, address it to Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, whose address is here, close it with a staple or tape and mail it. You do not need to place your name or address on this mail:

We want you to do the following or we will not visit your state on vacation:
- Free all political prisoners, allow them to sue for false arrest, and provide them resources to go home;
- A huge increase in funds for the National Endowment for the Arts;
- Allow the Brown and Goldman families to sue for negligent homicide and apologize to O. J. Simpson returning his Heisman Trophy to him;
- Pass a law stating that airlines must provide baby carriers on all flights;
- Nationalize energy in honor of President John F. Kennedy;
- Eliminate the oil depletion allowance in honor of President Kennedy;
- Mandate that ethanol be removed from gasoline year round;
- Provide funding into alternative resources of energy such as solar energy and wind energy and do not allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve;
- End 48 hour rule, mandate a truly independent community review board composed of civilians and police who have not been involved in brutality and give subpoena power in cities with 100,000 pop;
- Shut down Street Crimes Units;
- Make police brutality and misconduct a federal crime if committed against citizen or non-citizen regardless of religious preference prosecutable in a court of law;
- Allow Native American families of 64 murdered by the FBI on the Pine Ridge Reservation to sue for negligent homicide;
- Allow convicted to make phone calls at the regular rate;
- Free Chad Ray Bennett TDCJ#790798, allow him to sue for false arrest, expunge his record, and provide resources to go home;
- Expunge the criminal record of Larry Ray Bennett;
- Provide psychotherapy for Matthew Bennett with a psychotherapist who practices Dr. Susan Forward¹s method and provide the resources for Brenda Bennett to drive there; provide Brenda Bennett the resources to purchase a vehicle of her choosing, comparable to the vehicles she has owned;
- Disbar Judge Sue Pirtle, Jana Morris, DA Roy Summrow, and Judge Myer;
- Allow the Puerto Rican political prisoners who were granted clemency by Bill Clinton to associate with anyone of their choosing;
- Add a huge increase in funding for technical colleges in the U.S. for student grants.


TRUE DEMOCRACY     WINTER 2001     Copyright © 2001 by News Sourse, Inc.