Police Brutality: The Effort to End It and Resulting Actions by Police

by Onaje Muid

Do not allow the police to criminalize another one of our community activists. These actions are an attempt to hault the Msgm Central Brooklyn Copwatch Program. We need your help.

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is asking for your support. One of our members, Lumumba Bandele is under attack by the New York Police Department(NYPD) due to his uncomprimising stand against police brutality. Last Easter Lumumba participated in a demonstration to support the families of brutality victims and to bring awareness to the, at that time, recent killings of Malcolm Ferguson and Patrick Dorismond, two unarmed young black men. The mother of Malcolm Ferguson was present at the peaceful rally, which was sponsored by the House of the Lord Church.

At previous demonstrations MXGM members had complained about the blatant and constant video monitoring of it's leadership. Lumumba in particular had been followed and video taped. Subsequently at the Easter Sunday demonstration he was targeted by the NYPD and singled out for arrest.

Lumumba was identified by the police and picked out of a crowd of hundreds of people. During his arrest, Lumumba witnessed police officers reading a list of political prisoners he had visited. The judge in this case has refused to subpeona police video tapes of previous demonstrations proving that Lumumba has been targeted. The prosecution is also withholding a tape of the demonstration in question.

Lumumba has been charged with harassment of a police officer, obstruction of government, and disorderly conduct.


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