political prisoners

Manuel Noriega
in prison for the CIA's misdeeds

According to Inside The Company, Philip Agee's book exposing the Central Intelligence Agency, poor students are hired to spy on people in their countries. Manuel Noriega is no exception. Manuel Noriega was hired by the CIA. Mr. Noriega was born in 1940 to an extremely poor family so he was a perfect target for the agency which breaks the law which hired him as a high school student.

We know the real reason why Manuel Noriega was arrested and tried because there was a film made about it. The real reason that he was arrested was because he would not support of the U.S.'s plans for Nicaragua and the U.S. didn't want to honor the treaty that they ratified with Panama for the turnover of the Panama Canal to that country in 1999 but mainly because of the former reason because in 1989, a full ten years before the canal would revert to Panamanian control the U.S. military illegally entered the sovereign nation of Panama with the express intent of arresting Manuel Noriega and bringing him to Florida for trial on drug smuggling charges.

Brian Downing Quig in DE-PROPAGANDIZING AMERICA wrote that "because of some very unusual circumstances, I became acutely aware of an extensive covert propaganda apparatus that is currently arrayed against the American public. Indeed, without knowing it I was a part of this apparatus. Several of my close associates, to whom I am indebted for this awareness, lost their lives generating and disseminating the insights I am about to share." In an excerpt taken from this very long exposé, I want to share with you just how extensive the CIA's dealings in illegal drugs is so you can understand how Manuel Noriega was their victim, not the criminal the court would have you believe.

Up to the point of the arrival in our offices of Sergeant Lance Trimmer (ret. Special Forces) and Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz (the decorated GREEN BERET Commander ret.) the staff of DAILY NEWS DIGEST was in reluctant support of General Singlaub and his CONTRAS. But increasingly the mercenaries and pilots drifting through our offices who serviced this dirty war in Nicaragua returned with the worst possible reports of First Lance Trimmer showed up in our offices with copies of video tapes Colonel Gritz had taken during two interviews conducted in November of 1986 and April of 1987 with General Khun Sa --- the undisputed heroin overlord of the GOLDEN TRIANGLE!! Johnny Johnson had long been running hard hitting exposees of U.S. government involvement in narcotics trafficking. Gritz came along to toss a match into a power cache. It was General Khun Sa's assertion, which Gritz implicitly believed, that the largest purchasers of heroin in the world were well known top officials of CIA and DOD!! Specifically named, were Richard Armatage, at the time number 2 man at the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE and Theodore Shackley, formerly number 2 man in the CIA under CIA Director George Bush!

As we were to learn in a series of startling steps, the U.S. government is responsible for transporting more than half of the illegal narcotics that reach our shores. For the most part this poison is flown in on military transports --- tons at a time --- no customs. Then it is flown in cargo containers aboard commercial airliners to be turned over to organized crime families for distribution in individual American cities. All the while the government's phoney war on drugs amounts to nothing more than an effective artificial means of price support for dangerous narcotics and an elaborate extortion shake down of U.S. citizens. Nothing has eroded the Constitution more quickly than this phoney drug war (which by the way is one of the most effective propaganda campaigns in all of human history).

Remember, the CIA is not supposed to have been in existence in 1989 so it is a foregone conclusion that no drugs would have been brought in to the United States or elsewhere. Moreover, more drugs are coming into the United States now than were when Manuel Noriega was leader of that country so the United States' government is not interested in ending the drugs; it is interested in maintaining the hegemony of the United States. Therefore, Manuel Noriega is a victim and must be freed.

My extreme appreciation and gratitude to Brian Downing Quig for providing me with the documentation on the CIA/DOD's involvement in drug purchasing and smuggling.

Governor Jeb Bush
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Telephone: (850)488-4441
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Please tell the governor you won't visit Florida on vacation or buy the goods the state produces until he frees Manuel, allows him to sue for false arrest, expunges his record, and allows him to go home.


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