political prisoners

Leonard Peltier

But the reason why Peltier didn't get clemency after months and months of campaigning, protesting and demonstrations all over the World, Janklow, the Jerk Nazi Politician from South Dakota, who by the way was found guilty of Rape by tribal court, met with Bill Clinton and said that Peltier should not be granted Clemency... I think Freeh and the FBI said no also as to continue covering up the Crimes of J. Edgar Hoover Counter Intelligence Project which Targeted minority communities and political parties such as the American Indian Movement.

The FBI were just a bunch of murdering freaks under J. Edgar Hoover you can see the documents and read the stories on how they gave Panthers Seconal and went in with weapons and killed them all in a fake raid, plus many many other facts at:

The Cointel Pro Documents against the American Indian movement and Peltier can be read at:

God Bless us all when Crooked Politicians, fake Entities Called Corporations, and their blood money not only govern the people through oppression, but more importantly have more rights and political say than Human beings and citizens.

The material relevant to Leonard Peltier's trial on this Web site was not available to this editor when I checked it. The Web site is worth perusing, however, as it contains interesting material.


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