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El-Amin's Innocence

Atlanta, GA -- 11 Alive News last night (February 6, 2001) talked about a man named Otis Jackson who confessed to shooting the Officers and killing Kinchen. He also said Bro. Al-Amin tried to stop him by getting in his way. The man said he had the same weapons that were later found in Alabama where they arrested Bro. Al-Amin. The man also later re-canted to Janet Reno. If u ask me, there is too much compelling reason to believe he did it as well as why Bro. El Amin ran (I would too if I was there, knowing the government would most likely target him -- as they have done).

This is all according to Las Vegas FBI documents which were recently turned over to the FBI here. [an activist at GSU also spoke about this -- not sure what his role is in this expose].

The District Attorney, Paul Howard said in so many words, he wasn't considering this information. Mind you, this is the same District Attorney who has not pursued the forced prostitution of 10 and 11 year old children in Atlanta until recently when the news cameras and media jumped all over it and now he is all of sudden trying to look like he's doing something.


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