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Mobile/Cell Phone Registration

This is a new icon on my Web site because Mobile or Cell Phone registration is part of the NWO scheme to eventually end every nation's sovereignty. Below is the Email that I wrote to all the Norwegians whose Email address I have to make them aware that the country's sovereignty will end if they allow this law to endure. Norway isn't the only country, however, to face this dilemma; every other country is also. The powers-that-be (the Illuminati) will end the sovereignty of all countries. Thus, this new icon exists in order to reverse this particular legislation so these elite are not able to know where anyone is when they are on their phone.

To my dear Norwegian friends,
Today, July 1, 2005, is a day which I consider to be a turning point for people such as myself who are not Norwegian citizens. This is because all of us who own a mobile phone now have to register it by law.

When I bought my Net Com phone, I paid nearly double for it (990 kroner compared with 500 kroner) so I would have privacy as Telenor would not afford that to me. Now, the government wants to take that privacy away from me and people like me.

Even though I was very angry, I did try to comply with this law that violates my God given privacy rights, and not just once, but twice. Still, Net Com says that I am not registered despite the fact that I followed their instructions to the letter.

Therefore, if I make a call on this phone, it will be diverted to Net Com's office, where I have no doubt that they will ask me for this information, my name, etc. verbally.

Since I'm not willing to help the government track me, I will not make any calls. If you call me, I will be happy to talk with you. I just can't call you until I have a regular phone from which to do so, and no telling how long that will take.

If you send me an SMS, I will not be able to answer it, as then, my SMS will be diverted to the Net Com office for the same information with which this government will be able to track me.

In case I have not told you what this tracking is, allow me to do so now in a true story of an Israeli man who owned a mobile, sometimes called a "cell phone."

There was an Israeli man who owned a mobile phone. It was registered. He knew that his government could tell where he was whenever he was on his phone, so one day when he received a call the number of which he didn't recognize, instantly, he threw his phone as far as he could in one direction and ran in the opposite direction as fast as he could. An explosion occurred where he had been when the call came in to him.

I swear to God that this is a true story. Now, do you see why I am so angry that our phones must be registered?

Norway is part of western Europe; as such, it is part of the Trilateral Commission. Indeed, about 8 Norwegians are members of that elite and evil organization. See http://www.truedemocracy.net/trilateral/1.html which was provided to me directly from that organization's secretary in New York City. This is the reason why a law was passed to be effective February 1, 2005 requiring all Norwegian citizens to have to register their mobiles. I learned about this law in November 2004 and was livid with rage. At that time, the man in Oslo who called me on my phone, stated that non-citizens were exempt then.

I stated to him that I hoped that by the time that non-citizens would be required to register our phones that I would not have to use this device, but the Norwegian government saw fit to make the law enforceable to those of us who are not citizens now on July 1, 2005.

So this is my way of fighting back. If you have my number, please feel free to call me. I would love to hear from you, but I cannot call you. I hope you understand. Unjust laws are meant to be repealed. I hope that those of you who are Norwegian citizens will initiate such a measure. The powers-that-be need to be strongly rebuked as this is just part of the beginning of their NWO scheme to end Norwegian sovereignty.

Arlene Johnson