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White People Arrived First

By George Baaden
October 28, 2011

The first people to North America were Whites!!! Back around 15,000  B.C., Whites were crossing the Atlantic because there were Glaciers that connected Europe and North America!!! And they created    many communities on the East Coast. And they went all the way to the   West Coast of North America. They even found bones and artifacts on  Santa Barbara Channel Islands of these original Whites!!!

Also look up the Case of Kenniwick Man, a White Man's Skeleton  from in the 15,000 B.C. era that was found in Washington State, and how   the Liberals and Indians are blocking this information from the   Masses!!! Because they want the story to be that it was Whites who    invaded these Peaceful and Loving Indians in the 1500s and took this   land from them.
The Truth is, it was Whites that were here first, and then the Indians invaded from Asia and Alaska and took this land from Our Ancestors!!!    As far as Slavery is concerned. The Blacks in Africa had Blacks   as Slaves for Thousands of Years!!! AND still today, Blacks in Africa   have Blacks as Slaves!!!
The Arabs joined this Slave Trade in the + or - 900 A.D.s. And   did not stop their Black Slave Trade until the 1960s. And the only   reason they stopped the Slave Trade was because the White Nations of Europe and The United States forced them to!!!
And also, notice how there are NOT very many Blacks in the Middle   East!!! The reason is because the Arabs would Castrate the Black Slaves!!!

Then the Whites joined in on the Slave Trade in the 1500s. ONLY  to have a Civil War to end the Slave Institution in the U.S.!!!

Editor's note: The American Civil War was not fought to end slavery. It was fought to save the union.
And during these Slave Years, the Whites did not Castrate the   Blacks. They Genetically enhanced the Blacks by having Certain Blacks    mate with other Certain Blacks. That's why today in the United States,   there are many Black Atheletes!!! Watch the Olympics, and watch who the winners of the sports events are. They are always Blacks from former   Slave Nations. Never Blacks from Africa!!!

The Truth is, it was White people who ended the Slave Institution in this World!!!
Also, no one ever talks about the White Slaves in Northern Africa during the 1700s!!! There were over 1 Million White Slaves!!! Read the    Book, White Gold!!!



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