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The Real Reasons why World Trade Center 7 Imploded

By Muad'Dib

There were only small fires on two floors.

The building housed the Enron, investigation files and insider-trading
files, etc.

No-one, to my knowledge, has figured out what floors the files were kept on, and
whether they were the same floors where the office fires were.

My opinion is that the fires were started deliberately to destroy those files,
because when they brought the building down they would not want those papers
blowing all over NYC.

They knew that the building was coming down and would use the fires as an
excuse and the building coming down would cover their crimes of destroying the

Also, Silverstein wanted to redevelop the whole site and WTC7 was undamaged and would, therefore, be a fly in the ointment, so he needed to bring it down too.

People also speculate that the two planes were flown remotely by the globalhawk
system and were controlled from Giuliani's bomb-proof office. If so, then that is
another reason to destroy WTC7 to cover that up too.

Editor's note: That is not speculation as the proof is in the first edition in which I exposed 9/11, the fourth edition:

I would like to see someone do an investigation into the relationship between
the small fires on two floors, and the locations of the files.

Remember that George W. Bush was big buddies with Kenny Lay of Enron and the Bushes were probably involved in Enron in some way and possibly in and insider-trading.

Editor's note: Yes, indeed. Kenneth Lay was a member of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission, the same as George H.W. Bush was. See

Bush's brother was in charge of security for the WTC, so access would be a given.




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