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Japan's Earthquake: A Last Days Sign?

By Jack Hook
March 18, 2011

Every born again Christian I know that is also walking in the power and understanding of the Holy Spirit all seem to be saying the same thing.  “The birth pangs of the woman with child are growing stronger and more frequent,” just as Matthew 24:8 and 1st Thessalonians 5:3 teach us. 

This disaster in Japan has all the markings of a warning from God.  Furthermore, he is beginning to lift his restraining hand of power against the fallen angels who rule over nations, allowing evil to multiply at a greater rate.  This is clearly proven by the legalization of abortion and now homosexual marriage in various places.  This is the generation which will witness the judgment of God upon the nations and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

All the signs of the last days are before us, and this evil world political-religious system is about to “give birth” to the greatest deceiver in human history, the infamous Antichrist.  Satan, speaking through politicians and preachers alike, will offer the perplexed and tired nations his solution to all the world’s problems which, by the way, he created by manipulating the sin nature inherent in mankind.  The Antichrist will first come in the name of Jesus, saying he is a Christian, but he will speak the seducing lies of the evil one.  He will bring a Peace Covenant to Jerusalem and the Middle East, and prosperity to the “elite” leaders and merchants of the nations.  And for a while many will think the Kingdom of Heaven has been established on this war-torn planet. 

As for the question about this earthquake in Japan being directly connected to the prophecies in Revelation 6 and 9 which speaks of the death of first one-fourth and then one-third of the population, I think the answer is no, not yet.  But it is a warning sign of the coming great earthquake that is to level every city of every nation as it is recorded in Revelation 16:17-21. 

Our Lord is coming back to remove his bride from the coming wrath of God that seems to be at the door.  Those who love and trust the true and living Father and our Lord Jesus Christ are not appointed unto his wrath.  Soon we shall be with him in Heaven, but until that glorious day arrives we are to cry out to our friends, family, and our enemies for them to repent and receive the Lord Jesus who shed his blood for their sins, rising from the dead, and then promising to return at the end of the age as he ascended into the clouds, his followers watching in awe.



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