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The Shadow Flag

By Sadie Judge

I see the red, white, and blue
Of the flag waving in the sky.
I always thought it represented
Truth, freedom, and pride and
I'd never have to wonder or ask why.

But there in the shadows,
Lying in the dark, it its other colors;
Green, yellow, and red
Leaving a mark that looks a lot like
Greed, jealousy, and dread.

The reflection of its shadow is turned on
The lighted beings who come near its gate
From those who want to change their fate
Because they fear the strength
Of the ones who know the date
We shall all live in peace with no hate.

For now come closer and see the new reality
A place where you are watched
24 hours in totality with nowhere to
Escape or roam, no place to really call home.

No peace, understanding, or love to share
Only the stare of soulless men who've
Lost sight of God our Father in heaven above.

So my brothers and sisters, this is not a
Dream, a nightmare, or illusion
But the other side of the flag
Where many of us have been
Banned to seclusion.
Wow! What an illusion!

Now is the time to step up to the plate.
And claim your God given right and fame
To fight for Jesus and restore his name
For we are truly here to give new life
To this dying earth.




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