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Transcript: Information from 81st Congress -
the National Lawyers Guild is a Communist
Party along with the Bar Association

Transcript for the call on 12th December 2009 posted.

*Some excerpts*

"This judge was supposed to be absolutely immune from any type of persecution or retaliation from the agencies. This is where they had their absolute, total immunity. It was from them, it was never supposed to be applied to our side the way they are doing it."

"The District Attorneys who have come on Talkshoe, who have called me, who have done the research, have been astounded with what we have found, and the information we are running. They have actually validated a lot of it. They were not taught any of this. They are still looking at some of the other stuff."

"Had the truth been allowed to come out, you never would have been convicted, your homes never would have been taken from you. That is what we are starting to prove.

We have started to have federal judges coming back in and bringing up the fact that the banks do not have the original note. They do not have the original lien. Therefore, because they do not have it, they cannot evict the people. This is part of what we are looking at."

"I have not heard anything from Homeland Security at this point on the LOMAR that we have filed with them, with the Private Attorney General material, with the information from the 81st Congress that the National Lawyers Guild is a Communist Party along with the Bar Association, and the information we entered regarding the Trading with the Enemy Act which shows that they were not supposed to steal our gold, but to keep those people from hoarding it who were trying to stockpile it but not to take it from us. By entering this kind of information we are giving them a different perspective from what they were told, what they were allowed to believe."

"They have gone into corporate law and changed definitions of words, believing that the people will never know. Lawyers will never explain this because the moment that they do they will lose their bar card."

"R: It should, but the point is – this is why we are filing paperwork into Homeland Security, because Judge Holman should never have relinquished it to the District Court. By him releasing it, he now committed a fraud in the tax court. Now, because there has been fraud committed by the public officials on both sides of the fence, the only place that this court can actually turn this case over to is Homeland Security. Because now we are coming in and showing that they are in violation, this now comes under the Home Grown Terrorist Act.

H: An act of terrorism, you say.

R: Yes, this is now domestic terrorism.

H: Against us – by them.

R: Yes.

H: I wanted to get it on the record, Rod."

R: "What is wrong with this picture? If they were actually doing their job right, and were acting according to the rules and regulations that are laid out in the books, these judges would have absolutely nothing to fear from the people."

"This way everyone would have the basic knowledge as to the source of this information. Once people start understanding that in 1933 this country was turned over to International, under International Laws, they stripped the states of their statutes. In 1945 Congress put all public officials under United Nations jurisdiction. In Title 8, 1481, every time they took an oath of office they had to relinquish their national citizenship. All of this is in their books. We are exposing this and we are exposing the fraud. We are showing that they are a foreign state. We broke down the corporations. When they came over here, it was not the colonies, but it was the corporations that created the government, created the governors, underneath the corporation."

"H: The colonies, from the get-go, were corporations. They were charters from the King.

R: Yes they were. We were never taught that this started out as a corporation. It kept that under the Treaty of Paris. "

"R: Yes. Here again, this was never taught in school. A lot of the public officials were never taught any of this. They are just in it for the pay check."

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Editor's note: I'm not sure that this listserv is still in existence since this transcript arrived to me in December 2009



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