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Totalitarian "democracy"

Author wishes to maintain anonymity

Two primary political systems were the intellectual dreams for the 20th Century. One was National Socialism and the other was International Communism.  These concepts came from people who considered themselves intellectually superior to the population at large.  If you read respected authors of the early 1900s, such as H.G. Wells, you will find them promoting (largely) communism ("BRAVE NEW WORLDS").  In England it was Fabian socialism, which is the economic structure in England today.  National Socialism grew from the hyper-inflation of the Wiemar Republic in Germany. Remember Hitler was popularly elected.

But a study of WW II will reveal it was in fact a war for the survival of Communism !

Early on communists learned the technique of "Mind Control," via Pavlov's dog. It was first introduced on American POWs during the Korean War.  Today it is a technique that is used constantly to sell everything from automobiles to politicians.  It is endemic in our educational system.  It is exactly why today, we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic, but rather a "democracy."  It is also why 50 per cent of all "earned income" is paid in some form of taxes, be it federal income tax, state income tax, sales tax, real estate tax, gasoline tax, luxury tax the list goes on and on... it is all a redistribution of individual wealth by the government to maintain power.  By any political definition it is Communism!  Only the degree of that communistic enslavement is debatable.

Israel was conceived by those who created communism!  These people were "jews" in name only.  They created Zionism, to exploit the religious beliefs of Jew and Christian alike, for their dedicated political beliefs of communism.  What the majority refuse to believe or understand is Communism is a far greater threat to mankind than National Socialism (Nazis) ever were!  Why?  Well National Socialism was confined to Germany!  Communism is world wide.  But today we see communism morph in to a new creation ... a merger of corporate capitalism and communism  to "TOTALITARIAN DEMOCRACY"  as defined by J.L. Talmon in his 1970 book.  Now understand just who J.L. Talmon is....he is Professor of Modern History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem!  Further he is a "fellow" at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.  He has also authored "Political Messianism:  The Romantic Phase." 

Editor's note: There is one thing missing, the Hegelian Dialectic. National Socialism is the antithesis of communism. Therefore, it is just as bad even though it only existed in one country.

You think the economic collapse of this nation all happened by chance?   Think again...... one of the major agendas is population control!  The epicenter for this movement has moved from Moscow to Israel.



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