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Even the Elderly are Not Exempt from Being a Targeted Individual:
76-year-old has been Targeted since Age 7

By xzimppledink

My family migrated from dust bowl Oklahoma in 1939. We worked the fields for a while until the ship yards on Mare Island opened up. Mom and dad both got jobs building ships for the war. I was in 2nd grade. The teacher took us on an outing; we marched in single file singing some little song about ducks marching like solders. When we returned to the school, we stood in line for a cup of lemonade. One kid in the front of line drank his lemonade and threw the cup down at my feet. When I got to the front I was denied a drink because someone thought I had already drunk mine.

A voice came to me loud and clear, so clear and strong that I have remembered it for all my many years. It said "in this life you will bear the burden of being falsely accused." I remember that incident more powerfully than I remember what I had for lunch today. It was so powerful. On looking back I realize that was exactly what has been happening to me for these last 25 years. It's scary but reassuring that this all is happening according to a divine plan and for a reason. I may never see it, I've already outlived my mother, but it's great to know it's all foreseen and I was warned.

They will not allow my wife or me to sleep. Whenever we drop off for some rest they peck on the walls with pellets, BBS and pebbles. We haven't had a full night's sleep in 25 years, and we are very tired.

Two people have replied to the mr_ed address. I closed that account three years ago. Even then it would not open in another account like att or yahoo. It was a non transferable cheap basic account. It couldn't be happening, but it is happening. Another thing that's even more incredible, is that I was having trouble with my windows 7 computer so I loaded with a fresh Linux distribution of SuSE 11.2. I looked at the partitioned software and saw a message "additional storage on edwardmalina computer. I hardly know the man. He's a 93- year-old recluse who lives in a trailer on a vacant lot. I fixed his computer 5 years ago. How in the world has his computer gotten linked up with mine? I smell a rat; in fact I smell a whole nest of rats.



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