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Engineer in Huntsville Alabama Targeted

By govharass   
August 14, 2006

What I am going to describe is happening to me 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.

For quite some time it has been apparent people in Huntsville, Alabama with the ability to communicate through thought (telepathy - ESP) have been following me, attempting to get  me in with them.  I believe these people are part of our US government under the Homeland  Security umbrella. Could it be the CIA, FBI, local law enforcement? I can not say for sure at  this point. Although when it started I believed whole heartedly these attacks were coming from  people within the government, I believe they have dispensed this capability to others (in Huntsville,  AL) to inflict these attacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  By taking some type of chemical  substance (gogo juice, I once heard it called), orally or intravenously, a chemical imbalance is 
instilled in the body or brain giving them this ability. These people were initially after me because  they saw some ability I possessed which was strong and therefore useful. Through this process they contacted numerous people within Huntsville, AL, including, neighbors, gas station attendants, store workers, family members, my previous employer, and golf course personnel. They gave numerous  people at these locations this gogo juice giving them these telepathic abilities to some extent. Once  this stuff started getting distributed more and more people heard about it and were administered the substance.

To my understanding there are several levels of getting made-up, starting with being administered this entry-level gogo juice. The further you go through the process the stronger you get. This process  probably requires more or different types of chemicals. I believe these people were after me because  they saw some ability I possess which could make me very strong; whether it be my ability to hear  and see them without the use of the chemical, or the ability to pick up their communication at far  distances. I could also have the ability to receive and transmit visuals.

At some point instead of these people trying to get me in, or associated with them, they changed their strategy and began using their abilities to inflict pain in my head and other parts of my body.  Somehow they have the ability to send signals into the head causing several types of pain, including  stripes, dots, blunt force, as well as a wiggly feeling which enters and extends deep into my skull.  It appears this wiggly type is due to the signal taking the form of a sine wave, hitting the head and  entering. I also encounter a burning/sandy sensation that feels similar, I am sure, to a sand storm.  This usually occurs directly in the face or on the top of the head. The final head attack is to my eyes,  causing localized pain to my eyeball as well as a sandy burn feeling. I believe concentrating for some  length of time on one location or part of my body inflict these pains.

These attacks are now occurring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I wake up with welts on the back of my head, severe pains to my temples, or stripes on the side of my head, wherever the attacker of the day decides to concentrate. Most recently my eyes have been assaulted during the night; therefore, I feel severe pain and burning in and around my eyes every morning, which usually is accompanied by one or more other forms of attack. They have a cute name for these nighttime assaults; they call it getting sacked.

I believe at this point their objective is to hold me captive in Huntsville, AL and torture me with head hits, 24 hours a day.

Origins of Attacks

At least this is when I became aware of these attacks and how they worked. They started while working at United Space Alliance here in Huntsville, AL. I was located at Marshall Space Flight Center in the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Level II department.

I am an engineer with a mechanical engineering degree from Loyola Marymount University. I  contacted my employer and explained in detail what was occurring. (As I stated above I believe my employer was contacted by these people and administered the chemical at MSFC (including NASA personnel) as well as at the United Space Alliance complex.) The head attacks were so severe I had to leave work sick on numerous instances. At the time these attacks were not occurring during the night, only during the daytime while at work. My employer decided to move me from the MSFC location to the United Space Alliance location just off the base. These head attacks continued, and my complaints continued. At my employer's request I submitted to physicals, blood tests, an MRI, and visited with several counselors/psychologists, all of which cleared me for work. Ultimately the decision was made by my employer to terminate my employment because these attacks continued, and my complaints and sick days continued. 

Although I became aware of these attacks
and how they worked while working at
United Space Alliance, it is entirely possible
they began prior to this point. It is however
clear they became severe and pronounced
while working, since this is how I learned the
mechanics behind them. I clearly recollect
prior to this time, however, feeling sick and
dazed on more than one occassion. They
could/probably were using these attack
techniques to cause these feelings.

As I indicated on the "Background" page, it
was my understanding they initially
attempted to get me "IN" with them. I
frequented numerious locations, such as
golf courses and parks, to attempt to make
contact, or get in; however, it never
happened. For whatever reason it is my
belief they used this telepathic attack
capability to begin the harrassment during
this initial time frame.


Telepathy & Technology - Coast to Coast

Written by govharass   
Sunday, 21 June 2009
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Date: 06-03-09
Host: George Noory
Guests: Nick Begich, Steve Alten
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My personal beliefs as to where these attacks are coming from are directly in line with what Dr. Nick Begich has described in his interview with George Noory.  As my blog indicates, I believe these attacks are are coming from people via telepathy, and the primary purpose of this is Psychological Manipulation of the subject to force them to do the Perp's wishes.  Also to tear down the subject.  These attacks may also  be to be to suppress the capabilities one TI may possess.  These attacks are in the Paranormal area, similar to to Remote Viewing, but different.
Lecturer and author Dr. Nick Begich discussed the latest research on telepathy in the battlefield, where brain waves alone can give commands. Today's science-fiction may be tomorrow science-fact, he commented. Begich described some of DARPA's far-out experiments which could allow military communication through analysis of neural signals rather than vocalized speech, using EEG to read the brain waves. A similar technique might be employed with "mind reading binoculars" which could pick up threats faster than the conscious mind can process them. Begich noted that other branches of the military such as the Air Force and Navy were also experimenting with mind/brain technologies.
He raised ethical concerns over the use of such neuro-technology, and the possible imposition of learning people's inner/private thoughts. People wrestle with their thoughts, which are later formalized into behavior, so analysis of the thought process may not yield accurate conclusions about a person's actions.

Down the road, it may be possible to create or delete memory sets-- but how could one discern the truthfulness of testimony such as in a court of law?, he asked. We are now seeing the convergence of computer, biological, and electronic systems allowing the unprecedented interface between humans and machines, he pointed out. Begich also touched on research into mind control, and how sound, light, or currents can cause changes in mental states. For more on his work in this area, check out this YouTube video clip that features excerpts from some of his lectures/demos as well as an appearance on the Canadian TV show, Undercurrents.

Sea Monsters

First hour guest, author Steve Alten talked about his new novel, MEG: Hell's Aquarium, which deals with a devastating sea creature called the Megalodon which could weigh up to 100,000 lbs. Though thought to be extinct, it is possible such creatures could exist in the deepest ocean abyss underneath the Philippine Sea Plate, he suggested. Alten also discussed his research into the Loch Ness Monster.


- Mind Control

- Controlling the Human Mind
- Angels Don't Play This HAARP
- Earth Rising II: The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul
- Meg: Hell's Aquarium
- The Loch

How they Stalk and Harass

Written by govharass   
Monday, 14 August 2006

Head Attacks:
These attacks have occurred from a number of sources:
Vehicle Drive-By's:

Neighbor Houses:

Vechile Tails:

I believe my car is marked or tailed to some degree. As I drive around Huntsville, AL I am followed and hit. They are also stationed around Huntsville, in parking lots and stores. As I drive by they send the hit signal, or follow me at some distance concentrating and hitting for an extended period of time. 

Support form Rep. Jim Guest

Written by govharass   
Saturday, 23 August 2008

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