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Atrocities Covered up in Australia


By Maarten De Vries De Vries in an Email to his Aussie friend, John
October 20, 2010

You appeal to the Courts to save you?!!! They never saved the citizens of Bundaberg, murdered by the policy implemented by that Indian surgeon: in fact the legal processes were overridden by a Berlusconi/Bush-style plea of impunity before the Law, followed by a Stalinist show trial, complementing their systematic persecution of us Untermneschen.

They never saved the life of that infant from Emerald, murdered by wilful witholding of care, in November 2007: in fact the "courts" helped cover up the Crime.

They never saved the life of a young father from the Gold Coast in 1998: in fact again the "courts" covered up and let the manslaughterers/murderers off scot-free.

They never saved the life of my young Comrade in Arms, fellow cannon-fodder, who died violently near here, after his return from Afghanistan. They it goes on. The Total War on Humanity has been unrelenting forever. Genocide for Profit, "plundering etc. the planet for their own short term comfort"

But despite it all, you are somehow still alive. As am I, 43 years after I was first conscripted to terrorise the people of Vietnam. And 35 years since I said NO to becoming a Medibank Mercenary, to deliberately harming people for PROFIT.

But do you want me to forward your plea to anyone? It would be unlikely to help you, but it would tell others, and might even go just a tiny way to saving the planet.




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