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Fluoride is a proven carcinogen.

By Harvey Kunz
March 15, 2009

The principle of alcohol speeding poisons (including fluoride) into the blood stream is valid, and fluoride is a proven carcinogen (it is hard to find a mouthwash without fluoride, nowadays).  I would not swish any alcohol around my mouth as it definitely goes into the bloodstream, better than from the stomach (get out of the way liver)!!! Alcohol is a carrier and works the same way DMSO does. The gums and tongue are engorged with blood.  This is why sub-lingual supplements  (B-12 in particular) and tinctures (herbs in an alcohol base) are a superior way to get certain nutrients into the system, from the mouth instead of stomach (with tinctures you only get a few drops of alcohol, tolerable).

Anyway, this is apples and oranges.  First of all, we are not even talking about mouthwash and toothpaste (and you can get a mouthwash without alcohol or fluoride if you read labels and look hard, or MAKE YOUR OWN!  Dilute 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide with equal amount of water and add a heaping tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate per pint.  A safer, cheaper, more effective anti-bacterial and alkalinizing breath freshener, and totally safe!

If anyone wants to raise their cancer risk by sipping an alcohol mouthwash or brushing their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste, (or smoking for that matter) that is their privilege. Just don't force me to ingest the stuff (fluoridation of water), or smell their smoke!

In a trial in England, Colgate admitted that the fluoride in one tube of toothpaste if eaten by a small child (nice peppermint taste) could kill them.  Hence note the required poison warning on the label- "DO NOT SWALLOW, AND IF MORE THAN A PEA SIZED AMOUNT IS INGESTED, CONTACT A POISON CONTROL CENTER IMMEDIATELY." 

Editor's note: This warning is only on American toothpaste tubes, not on tubes in the United Kingdom.

Fluoridation has been proven to increase hip fractures in the elderly and lower the IQ of children.  Hitler used fluoride to keep the population subservient in WWII, and Russia used it on prisoners to keep them docile.  We hid these effects from the public (brain fog = confusion of the mind) at the time because the atom bomb and airplanes were essential to winning the war, and workers were being exposed to fluoride in both the uranium and aluminum industries.  The Freedom of Information Act released this information after 50 years.  By the way, the current maximum permitted level in water in most states is 1 ppm, not 1,000 ppm!!!!  WOW---that would do you in for sure.  The EPA max is 4 ppm---way too high, and proven to cause crippling osteofluorosis and dental fluorosis (mottling and pitting of teeth), especially with people that work outside in the sun and sip water continuously (they didn't even consider that I guess).  For any other drug, dosage is prescribed, but it appears you are allowed to drink as much fluoride as you choose!

Three of the four halogens are destructive.  Fluorine, bromine, and chlorine are all more active electrochemically than iodine so they displace it where it is most active in the body (thyroid, prostate, and breasts specifically), causing hypothyroidism and breast and prostate cancer.

Speaking of the EPA.  It is interesting that dumping of any fluoride in rivers is strictly prohibited as it kills the fish (This you can prove yourself. Put fluoridated water in your fish tank and your goldfish will all float upside down).  Yet it is OK to put it in our drinking water. Fluoride is a registered HAZMAT (HAZardous MATerial that requires burial under many feet of soil at a secluded official hazardous dumpsite, UNLESS IT IS DUMPED INTO YOUR DRINKING WATER.  YOU FIGURE!)

ALCOA (Andrew Mellon’s aluminum conglomerate, the world's largest producer of aluminum) lobbied, bribed, and propagandized government officials to make them believe (and pass laws) that it is good for you, so they would not be subject to huge class action suits (deja vu: tobacco industry with 'doctor recommended' cigarettes?). Their ploy and motto: "Who could be against saving children's teeth."  Initial suits were from farmers whose cattle were being crippled and killed off by fluoride carried in the wind from ALCOA fluoride stockpiles to pastures within a several mile radius, and they were faced with a 1950 $7,000.00 per truckload (about $25,000.00 today) cost of transporting it to Midwest dumpsites and burying it (this is a minute part of a long gory story of death and destruction, see

There was the Bronxville, NY boy that died from fluoride poisoning.  His dentist swabbed his teeth with an ADA approved 'fluoride varnish.' Some got on his gums, went into his bloodstream and he went into a coma.  Three days later he died. Did I hear you say fluoride is not dangerous?

We are talking about medicating the masses without their consent by putting this poison in the general water supply.  If you are unaware of the toxic results of fluoridation you have not studied this subject seriously.  I am not interested in arguing with anybody. Just presenting facts, and hoping they don't poison the NJ water supply (currently pending). Drink all the fluoride you choose, (if you do, we will miss you)!  Fluorine gas was used to kill the enemy in WWI until it was outlawed as 'cruel and inhumane treatment' by the Geneva Convention (shooting is OK)!

The body does not require fluoride anymore than it requires arsenic, and the two are comparable in toxicity.  It also does not require mercury or cadmium (all natural and all in the fluoride ash). Heavy metals are a recognized cause of MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other major neurological diseases. Fluoride passes the blood brain barrier and carries aluminum in with it.  Just because it is "natural" doesn't mean we should ingest it!  God gave us all these minerals but he also gave us the brains to decide which ones to put in our mouths!

Editor's note: The only fluoride that is natural is calcium fluoride. It is not calcium fluoride that would be placed into the water supply, however.

Fluoride is an FDA ‘unapproved drug.’  This means they have never required tests on humans for toxicity.  It works in exactly the same way as the doctor prescribed bisphosphonates (Fosamax, Boniva, Zometa, Actonel, Clodronate, etc.).  It kills bone and teeth.  Bone and teeth are similar living things.  Osteoclast cells remove calcium from the bone matrix (via the blood supply) so osteoblast cells can replace it with new bone, in a continual process called remodeling.  Every few years your bones and teeth are completely replaced (whatever has not been removed).  These drugs (including fluoride) all kill the osteoclast cells so they do not remove the old bone.  RESULT: The dead bone becomes hard and brittle.  Momentarily, because it becomes hard and dense, it resists decay.  Like a live branch, live bone is strong but pliable.  A live branch will bend and spring back. A dead branch will become hard and dense but will snap if bent.  Drug educated doctors say “Look how good your bone density is---see, the drug is working!”  The drug sales person never told them how it works. He/she works on commission and has kids to feed, and the drug stockholders are only interested in one thing---the bottom line.  Fear sells drugs---including fluoride.

Chlorination treats the water and is easily removable at point of use. Chloride (the salt form) is used by the body to form hydrochloric acid, essential for digestion and killing of incoming bacteria.  We get more than enough from food, and this is NOT chlorine anyway.  Chlorine is a deadly poison, but its worst effect is from shock treatment of incoming water at the filtration plant.  It combines with organic material (including innocuous leaves, goose poop, etc.) to form DBPs (disinfection byproducts such as trihalomethane), which are more dangerous than the chlorine.  However, because it is cheap, easy to remove and is effective in killing bacteria acquired between the filtration plant and your house, it is a practical solution (until we find something better).  Iodine would be a far better halogen to use, but it adds a bitter taste and is more expensive.

God knew what she was doing.  We get chloride salts from plants but plants filter out fluorine and bromine, the most dangerous halogens. Plants eat dirt and transform the minerals to a form we can use.  This is one reason we should get all our minerals from plants, not from dirt (ground up rock, dolomite, coral, volcanic ash). Plants supply all needed minerals in organic form, designed for ingestion by two and four legged animals! This was all planned, a few billion years ago.

We (Northern New Jersey) are fortunate that United Water uses ozone for initial water purification so they don't shock treat incoming water with chlorine. Ozonation leaves no residue which is great (for bottled water, immediately sealed, it is the answer, but not many use it as it costs a few pennies more), but with no residue it has no lingering protective value, so they just add enough chlorine (actually chloramine) to protect the water as it travels from the water supply to your house.

Fluoridation is a whole different ballgame.  It doesn’t treat the water, it is forced medication of the public. Just to begin with, fluoridation does NOT use naturally occurring fluoride.  It uses the waste byproduct from the smelting of aluminum (bauxite) and uranium ore and making phosphate fertilizer, (mostly fluorosilicic acid---so powerful it etches glass) which is much more deadly than naturally occurring fluoride.  It is from smokestack scrubbers and contains not only fluoride, but cadmium, arsenic, lead, and mercury.

Incidentally, carbon and ceramic filters (Brita, Pur, etc.), whether gravity type or pressurized, do a pretty good job removing chlorine but they do NOT remove fluoride.  Only reverse osmosis, distillation or alumina silicate filters will remove fluoride, and then only for a limited time (while they remain clean).

There is so much graft, corruption and payoffs behind fluoridation it would take a week to discuss it. We could go on and on but my time is limited.




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