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Pan Am 103:
The Inside Reason for Allowing That Plane to be Blown up


July 24, 2010

It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that AL-CIA-DA murdered about 264 ‘other’ people to kill ’8′ American citizens who were on the plane to testify about DEA and CIA drug trafficking.

It has been proven that the bomb was C-4 placed on the interior of the fuselage on a stringer or structural component, not in a ‘boom box’ as alleged by the planted evidence.

It has been proven that they paid a ‘fake’ expert witness almost $4 million to frame Magrahi.

It has been proven that TWO flight crew members actually survived the plunge to the ground in the nose section, only to die because the CIA demanded they not be moved from the crash site.

It has been PROVEN that SCOTTISH AUTHORITIES protested the CIA derailing their investigation.

It has been PROVEN that Magrahi was an innocent ‘patsy’ and had nothing to do with it.

It has been PROVEN that State Department personnel were warned to stay off that flight and they in fact did, while the targeted government employees who worked for the DEA were never afforded the warning.

It has been PROVEN the CIA was all over the crash site, having been pre-positioned in Scotland, in ADVANCE.

It has been PROVEN that the CIA is behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy and has been behind virtually every murder, including Martin Luther King, Jr.’s killing, and Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination.




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