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The Web of Deceit

Written by

A Truth Soldier

Many a good person has been unknowingly caught in the web of deceit.

Many a good person has at least once in their lives come to the realization that something is very, very wrong with society.

Many good people have tried to wiggle their way through the evil web of deceit, only to be consumed by the evil spider.

The evil web of deceit is woven into the very fabric of society by the insane.

Please understand that to be insane one has to never seek or speak the truth, for truth is absolute and insanity is absolutely the opposite of truth.

So the lying evil web weaver has to keep strengthening and building the web so that it will be able to control and eventually consume its intended prey.

Like the spider, a weaver of a web of deceit has to always cover  deceptions (lies) with more deceptions.

Eventually the web of deceit becomes so solid that good people stop wiggling and eventually loose their freedom and their very lives.

Like in nature, the only creatures that can survive and avoid the web are those that observe that the web exists and watch what the web does to the unsuspecting creatures that have been caught in it.

So a smart creature will do everything it can to watch for and avoid the web.

Unfortunately the domesticated and civilized human creature no longer pays attention to its survival instincts.

The human creature does not know how to stay free of the web of deceit. For the human creature does not even want to see and watch for the web of deceit.

So that, now the human creature is not even aware that this huge web of deceit has been erected and now obstructs any passage through life that you may choose.

So very intelligent human intellectuals have come to realize that yes indeed this web of deceit does exist.

These Truth soldiers, activists, freedom fighters etc etc, realize that something needs to be done to deconstruct this evil web of deceit. Some call this evil web The New World Order that was spun as a result of the creation of the first corporation.

Editor's note: The first corporation according to the author is the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City.

The good people try to alert others of this evil web of deceit and inform good people as to how this web has been so strongly constructed.

But the intellectual soon realizes that the human society has been so well deceived that society absolutely refuses to believe that this evil web of deceit even exists.

The intellectual has the tools and wisdom to see and fully understand the makings of this web of deceit that threatens all of humanity.

But I believe that most intellectuals do not possess the understanding of the reality that this web of deceit is bigger than any individual or organization.

That this web has provided the nourishment to feed many offsprings and that now there is a most unnatural spider existing all over this planet, weaving more and more webs of deceit.

There are now so many webs (Corporations) of deceit in our now unnatural environment that human creatures now accept it as natural and a normal course of human evolution.

The human animal refuses to see or understand that something evil and horrible has been woven into the very fabric of life.

Only the intellectual can understand that this is very real.

You see that to be an intellectual one has to always seek and speak the truth.

If one only seeks and speaks the truth, then that individual will become an enlightened and very intelligent intellectual.

For only idiots are created by the avoidance of truth.

Unfortunately there is a very unnatural human being that has grown very big and powerful through the ability to create its own food by the creation of money out of thin air.

This artificial human is very insane indeed from the power that money has given it. I call this artificial individual, a Corporate Criminal.

I will now explain the strategy and way to deconstruct and destroy this evil web of deceit.

As all evil... Evil can only be destroyed by exposing it to the light of truth.

Editor's note: Please read the previous sentence again. It is the truth. If lies are not exposed, evil will prevail. The truth is what the elite fear. That's why people like me are either killed or destroyed in some other manner.

All good humans so far have not figured out or understood the formula to do this.

Have you ever observed a huge spider's web with the spider always sitting in the center?

Imagine if you were an innocent little butterfly and you happened to come along in your free flight of life and flew into this cleverly hidden and well positioned web of deceit.

What would happen? Like all human creatures caught in the corporate financial web of deceit, you would try to scream for help.

But no other creature would dare try to approach near the web of deceit in which you now find yourself.

The more you wiggled the tighter the web would entrap you until you tired and died.

At which point the spider would consume you and grow stronger as a result.

The intellectual human has to understand how to avoid this and how to destroy the web of deceit.

An intelligent person will one day come to realize that all knowledge leads to the determination that all truth is very, very simple and only lies and deceptions are complicated.

So for one to deal with a web of deceit one has to always stay on the outside of the web and look for the simplest and undeniable truths to reveal the true nature of the web of deceit.

If you were to approach a spider's web with a stick of truth and were to just touch that spider's web with that stick, the spider would immediately sense that you are indeed not just a pretty and delicate little butterfly caught in its web.

The spider would immediately sense the strength and weight of your little stick of truth and the spider would run as fast as it can to get off the web.

For you see if you cause the web to collapse while the spider is still in the center of its web of deceit that the web that the spider has so cleverly constructed would collapse around the spider.

The spider would therefore die of its own making.

So now the lesson to be understood here is to never enter into the web of deceit but instead stay on the outside of it.

Whereas you will be called The Village idiot, if you try to speak the truth to the other human creatures around you.

But you, being a natural and good intellectual human who wants to do something about this clear and present danger, try to inform all the pretty butterflies around you.

You do not want to watch as the butterflies are killed and consumed.

So you then become what some call a Truth Soldier or Activist.

The clever weavers of the web of deceit are not too concerned about you as their web of deceit is so strong and has worked so well and for so long.

So you, the good human creature with a conscience, feels lost and helpless.

You cannot get the blissfully happy little butterflies to even listen to your warnings.

So one day you go back and watch the spider's web at work pondering what to do to stop this web of deceit.

Until one day you realize the web of deceit is held up by only a few but very strong strings that have been attached to the very fabric of what society accepts as the foundation truth of existence, that being society's perceptions of undeniable basic truths.

So you see the web of deceit always starts off from a very solid foundation of truth.

The weavers of deceit are very clever indeed. For they will use the foundations of truth to build their web of deceit.

So what do you, The Village Idiot, do?

You look at the very foundation strings of that web of deceit and you find the most undeniable simple sticks of truth to sever those foundation strings from the web of deceit.

So you stay on the outside of the web and you start hitting the strings that holds the web firmly attached to the very solid fabric of society.

If you are successful, you will end up with the fabric blanket of truth that society has been using for so long to keep comfortable.

That Fabric will now be very dirty and full of old spider's webs.

So then society will realize it is time to clean the blanket and the rest of civilization's home of these pesky and dirty spiders once and for all.

So I now call on all Truth Soldiers to start walking with your sticks of truth and start severing all those webs of deceit everywhere you find them.

Eventually society will be tired of living in a dirty place and everyone will walk around with their little sticks of truth.

This is why along time ago the British had tally sticks for their currency.

It was to prevent the very situation in which we now dreadfully find ourselves.

These webs of deceit have been able to be created because the spiders have their luxurious home lairs in which to live and create their offspring.

You will find these big nursing spiders in very dark places where the light of truth does not enter. These places are known as the secret societies and their dens.

Such as Skull and Bones, The illuminatti, and the freemasons.

It is time for society to clean house and criminalize all secret societies, and their conspiratorial members should be imprisoned.

The mother den of all secret societies is the privately and secretly owned Federal Reserve Corporation. The very first ever created Corruporation.

"When the seeds of truth are sown.
The grassroots truth revolution
Will blossom from the enlightenment."

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