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Letters to the Editor

Dear Arlene,
My online provider cut me off the internet because someone (Jews?) reported me for Spamming.
I got so mad and sold my computer. At this time I do not have a computer.

I feel like my mission is complete. My mission was to expose the wrong doings of the Jews. I had over 2,000 people in my address book. So there are over 2,000 people from all over the world that know what the Jews are doing.

Didn't I send you my Scrapbook? What did you think of it? I created the cartoons at the rate of one a month for our local AA news letter. At this time I have pneumonia. Very sick. Tell the people in our blog I send my love.

Love ya,

P.S. I am thinking of getting a new computer.

Editor's note: The letter writer did invest in a new computer.




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