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Message To The World From South Africa

By Dries Kriel
August 27, 2007

Ringing out from our blue heaven
From our deep seas breaking ground
Over everlasting mountains
Where the echoing cracks resound
From our planes where creaking wagons
Cut their trail into the earth
Calls the spirit of our country
Of the land that gave us birth
At thy call we shall not falter
Firm and steadfast we shall stand
At thy will to live or perish
O South Africa dear land.
As a veteran of our struggle in South Africa I have but one message from South Africa; FREEDOM!!! FREEDOM!!! FREEDOM!!! And nothing less. 
My grandfather fought till the bitter end in the Anglo Boer War. In 1914 he again joined the rebellion as an officer against the government of that time. Eventually he was imprisoned and the family farm sold by the government. In 1943 as an elderly man he again took up the weapon against the government and again faced a prison sentence. My grandfather taught me as a little boy what real freedom is about and he made me promise to carry on with the struggle of the white tribe of Africa. Ever since that black day on the 6th of September 1966 when the then Prime Minister of South Africa, dr Verwoerd, was assassinated by the Liberals and their Jewish counterparts, we were again forced into a struggle against these agents of Satan. Many people think that the problems in South Africa started after traitor De Klerk handed South Africa over to the African National Congress. And they are so wrong. Before 1994 I was arrested on several occasions and imprisoned three times under a law that they called Article 29. Under this law myself and many of my compatriots were abducted from our homes, tortured and humiliated without any chance of being allowed to see anybody. Over long periods my wife and children did not even know where I was held or if I was alive. Eventually I was charged for thirty-two counts of terrorism of which not a single one could be proved in a court of law. Yet, they carried on the hunt against me, and my beloved wife and I were forced to hide in the bushes and veldt of South Africa over long periods. Hunted like an animal because in the eyes of the Jewish controlled white regime of the time it was a sin to struggle for the freedom of the Boer people. It was the Jews that sponsored the war against our people in 1899. And twenty seven thousand woman and children from our people who numbered only two hundred and fifty thousand souls at that time were murdered in the most vicious way. They died to pave the way for the Oppenheimers and Hochenheimers to take over the South African gold and diamond mines and the South African economy. Three months before dr Verwoerd was murdered, he announced a commission to investigate Jewish control in the South African economy. This sealed dr Verwoerd’s fate and he was murdered in parliament three months later. He had to die and after his death the Hochenheimers and Oppenheimers sucked the riches of the African economy like the vampires they are. And they are still doing it today. Behind the scenes of the genocide of people on this planet you will always find a Jewish demon. It was the Jews that orchestrated tragedies and conflict in Europe where millions of our brothers and sisters had to pay the ultimate price to enable these creatures of Satan to get control over the wealth of the world. They destabilize and after they destabilized they come in the guise of angels with their money to enslave the peoples of the world and to suck the riches from the earth. They are not the people of the God of the Bible, but they came forth from the synagogue of Satan. If there ever was a system that destabilized and enslaved the peoples of this world it is communism and the father of communism Karl Marx was a wretched Jew. 
Yes we don’t like the niggers as well. Because after they were finished with the white regime and the black regime took over in South Africa the Jews of this world really turned the taps of hate open against the Boers struggling for freedom. Now the golliwogs of Africa and their tyrannical leaders are being manipulated to destabilize and destroy. And the worst part of it is that these black little shithouses don’t even know that they are being manipulated by the demons of darkness. The Harold Wolpes and Arthur Goldreichs that were the brains behind the atrocities committed by the ANC against the white population in South Africa in the nineteen sixties and seventies were Jews. And in South Africa you still see them sitting in parliament disguised as so-called people of color. Marcel Golding is a typical example. They don’t look like colords, they are not Asians, they are not Arabian and they are definitely not black. They are Edomites and according to our Bible the children of the devil. And when you look them in the eye, you experience an immediate clash of spirits. Thus the genocide of the white people of South Africa continues. 
In the wake of the massacre facing the white people of Southern Africa and this planet we make an urgent appeal towards the patriotic Aryans of the world to unite. The governments of the western world who forced Southern Africa into the tragedy that is unfolding around us are now turning a deaf ear toward our plight. In the struggle to defend us against the wave of murderous and barbarous blacks, more and more of our people are arrested, tortured, and murdered. Our application toward the government of the United States of America to allow us to establish an office in New York from where the United Nations and the International community could be informed of our plight were ignored.

Editor's note: The author does not seem to realize that the United Nations is under the control of the Jews too.

Our Intelligence Services reports that the South African regime is supported by every possible means by the United States of America and their surrogates. The unscrupulous ANC/SACP regime is supported by USA technological means such as satellite observance whereby our every move is monitored. FBI instructors are permanently deployed in South Africa to assist and train the ruthless agencies of the ANC/SACP regime in hunting down our leaders and destroying our defenses and hideouts. Vast amounts of American taxpayer's money is deployed through CIA agents, USAID, and the Ford Foundation with one common aim, namely to destroy our defenses and to bribe whites still holding key positions to betray their brothers in arms. 

The South African Foreign Legion is not begging for funds, nor do we expect membership fees. All we ask from our white comrades abroad is to organize right minded and capable people to assist us physically in time to come as the war against the white people of South Africa intensifies, and to put pressure on your governments and institutions to stop financing a heathen and barbarous regime in South Africa. Please help us by making people aware that we, the white people of Southern Africa are forced into preparing for a survival war.
A catastrophe is unfolding in South Africa. According to statistics the Southern African economy is heading for a total collapse in the year 2008 caused by H I V Aids, war, poverty, and pestilence. I have been in Botswana recently and a black government official said; “We are a dying nation”. The black people infected with AIDS in Botswana reached 100 per cent at the beginning of this year. My white brothers and sisters I can assure you that in a couple of years time the vast open spaces of Southern Africa with its rich mineral resources will be uninhabited. We expect that only a third of the Boer people will survive the shadow of Armageddon that is coming toward us. However at the end of this dark tunnel there is a glimmer of hope. Our God, is opening up the treasure chamber of Southern Africa for his people. I call upon the Aryan race to prepare to inhabit Southern Africa and to use the minerals and riches of that part of the world to restore order on this planet and prepare for the coming of our King and Redeemer.
The Boer people are preparing for a final and total onslaught from the blacks and their phantom like Jewish masters. The South African Foreign Legion (SAFL) is growing by the day. I don’t expect many of us to survive the tragedy that is coming down on us. Therefore, I want to urge all white Nationalist organizations to prepare as if for Armageddon. A bloody racial war is coming down on us. A war that will eventually spread beyond the borders of Southern Africa affecting the rest of the world and resulting in racial conflict and war right across the planet. Prepare yourself. In South Africa we teach our people to embrace and cherish the struggle. The struggle is all we have, we have nothing more. I salute you my brothers; “We fear naught but God.”

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