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Phone calls from non existent area codes in the United States

By Mary Hartman
March 17, 2009

I had previously received calls from non-existent numbers with area codes in Georgia, which would put it in National Security Agency (NSA) territory. That would make sense because Bill Koch said the NSA was responsible for the surveillance/stalking and theft of damaging evidence from my home/mailbox. Today's call came from Washington, though. I suppose the CIA is concerned because I have put Elk Run together with the CIA/Saudi's/University of Minnesota/ and the Mayo Clinic - and I had already proved that there was a money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and small arms distribution funding Kraft's so this would put an ostrich sized yolk on the face of Mayo and would expose a big CIA operation in the state.

202-025-6396 Are these calls made from cell phones that cannot be tapped into or traced? There are no prefixes of 025 listed by Ma Bell, but clearly they exist.

I had to get a woman off the phone to try to answer and did have a connection to my 202 pal for a moment. It sounded like they were driving/walking - windy. They hung up after I said hello three times, with a pause between.

I absolutely understand that because our behavior in other countries has been so reprehensible, we have to conduct bio-research on viruses and cures in case someone weaponizes something before we do. But when I contemplate the fact that this particular group lacked the maturity to take responsibility when a tiger attacked a child, a bear attacked a man, and two lions and a liger terrorized two counties for six weeks, I don't believe they have the maturity to run a bio-weapons research facility anywhere, nonetheless 15 miles up the road from my home.




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