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Billy Graham: turning the grace of God into lewdness

By Pastor Darren
November 14, 2007

I study a lot. At times when viewing our current society, both secular and religious, I feel overwhelmed at how far we have strayed from Yahweh's true paths. How could all this have happened in so short a time? Well, after studying the life of the world's " premier" minister, I think I understand a little better.
Billy Graham has been hailed as the world's preacher and one of its most beloved and respected leaders. Now after reading that I had to stop and think. The world really does love Billy Graham; I mean you never hear anything negative about this man. Whenever you see him he is surrounded by the worlds most powerful leaders, celebrities and the like.
How odd.
Why do I think that this is odd? Well, first of all, Christ tells us in John 17:14 :" I have given them Thy Word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world." II Timothy 3:12:" Yea and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." I John 3:13:" Marvel not my brethren, if the world hate you..."

I think about all the godly men and women who suffered so much adversity, even martyrdom for their faith in the Messiah, and yet we are told in no uncertain terms that the world loves Billy Graham.
"If ye were OF the world, the world would love ITS OWN," John 15:19
Obviously there must be more than meets the eye. I mean, what does anyone truly know about Billy Graham? We see the the images of him surrounded by the rich and powerful as I stated earlier. We see the giant crusades with the multitudes coming down to make "decisions" for Christ. Nothing negative. Well, scince I know that the media has been owned and run by the anti-christs who despise our Savior and never miss an opprotunity to disparage our Christian faith, why do they let Billy Graham have such unbridled success?

Most have seen the biographies of Graham and his family. But what few have have heard is that when Graham's forefathers came to America, they weren't Grahams. They were Franks. They were also related to a very famous [or infamous] Frank. Jacob Frank. Jacob Frank was one of a long line of Kabbalistic Jews practicing the obsene Baal sorcery recorded in the Kabbala and the Zohar of the Talmud, and trying to introduce the messiah upon the earth. That is, until the idea that the Jewish people themselves constituted the "messiah." And although Jacob Frank later converted to Catholicism, there is still an organized element using his name to bring about one world religious unity.

Editor's note: Right there, one should realize that these are not true Christians, because true Christians do not seek one world religious unity. But there is more, and that is that Jews convert to Catholicism to hide their Judaism.
I guess the apple really does not fall far from the tree.
Many have heard that Billy Graham was "converted" under the ministry of Mordecai Haim, a Jewish convert to Christianity. What few do realize is that Haim taught British Israelism, the well documented and proven belief that the lost 10 tribes of Israel are actually found in the Anglo-saxon, Caucasian people who appeared in Europe at precisely the same time the lost [or put away] tribes were disappearring from the middle east. However, Haim also taught that those who call themselves Jews today are descended from the tribe of Judah, a notion equally well refuted and disproven, even in their own writings.
Well, Graham started out with Bob Jones College, later to become Bob Jones University, and was considered quite bright. He was accepted and supported by the fundamentalist leaders of his time, even serving on the cooperating board of John R. Rice's Sword of the Lord Ministries and publications.
But something happened. In 1957, John Rice publically disassociated himself from Graham [Sword of the Lord, June 20,1958], saying that Graham was yoking himself together with unbelievers. And although Graham constantly reassured his contemporaries he had no intentions of departing from his fundamentalist roots, his actions were always the opposite.

Ultimately, Graham alienated himself from Bob Jones Sr. who reproved him for "many compromises." James Bennett, the New York attorney and Bible teacher, supported Graham during his early years until he pulled his support , issuing a public warning in "The Billy Graham N.Y. Crusade: Why I cannot support it, a ministry of disobedience." Collingswood, N.J., Christian Beacon Press, May-September 1957.
With so many pulling away, how was it that Graham could continue and become so successful? Apparently Graham had cultivated other friends.
Graham's first crusades were sponsored by the likes of Bernard Baruch, a powerful Jewish banker [also of Rothchild's and Treaty of Versailles fame] as well as the infamous newspaper magnate and avowed pagan William Randolph Hearst, who also ordered his huge chain of newspapers to "puff" Graham, making him a national celebrity.
Now why would Non-cristians take such an interest in this supposedly fundamentalist preacher's career? In the book Deadly Deception by Jim Shaw, an ex 33rd degree mason, Shaw relates at how Graham was present at his own initiation ceremony into the 33rd degree. [Shaw was forced to remove Graham's name before Huffington House would publish the book.] Only freemasons are allowed to attend these ceremonies. Robert Schuler, Oral Roberts, and Norman Vincent Peale are also admittedly 33rd degree masons. Norman Vincent Peale's form of Christianity is nothing more than white witchcraft using Christianized terminology. In Psychic Magazine of San Francisco, Peale stated that the occultist Kreskin was only dramatizing what he had been preaching for years.
Well this would put Graham in very interesting territory, and if willing to play his cards right, could prove highly lucrative. Perhaps now we see why Graham's worthy contemporaries pulled away from him so quickly, almost as quickly as his sky rocket entrance to celebrity status.
"Woe unto you, when men shall speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets."[Luke 6:26]
Actually there's been growing concern over Graham's influence among many Christians for years, but because all the media, including so called Christian media is under complete control of the anti-christs, very few ever hear. Most people's world view is shaped by t.v., movies, and radio, not the word or the Spirit of Yahweh God. Thus, all that they know is what they have been programmed to know. Because all that is ever seen are those images we discussed earlier, because he is the "darling" of the media, most just assume.
"...know ye not that friendship of the world is emnity with God? whosoever will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God."[James 4:4]
So what exactly does Billy Graham teach? In one of Graham's many interviews with Larry King, he stated 1] that he has a great many friends among mormons, Catholics, muslims, buddhists, and Jews and doesn't judge them.2] that he doesn't like to become involved in emotional or controversial issues, especially the abortion issue. He feels that the environment is the great issue of our time.
According to the Billy Graham Christian Workers Handbook copyright 1997 ed., p 19, Graham states, "We should accept abortion in these cases: rape or incest, or if the delivery of the baby threatens the mother's life." In the revised 2001 ed. p. 21, " Even sincere Christians may differ on whether or not abortion is ever justified, especially in difficult situations such as rape or incest, or when tests reveal that the unborn child has severe abnormalities.'
How about hell? In the book Unto the Hills page 74, Graham writes, "When it comes to a literal fire, I don't preach it, because I'm not sure about it. When the scripture uses fire concerning hell, that is possibly an illustration of how terrible it's going to be; not fire, but something worse, a thirst for God that cannot be quenched."
"And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me...for I am tormented in this flame."[Luke 16:24] Yeah, that sounds pretty illustrative to me.
Also from the same book, page 234, Graham writes, "man has two great spiritual needs. One is forgiveness. The other is goodness. Consciously or unconsciously, his inner being longs for both." Yet Proverbs 17:11 states that" an evil man seeks only rebellion," and in Romans 3:11-12 "there is none that seeketh after God." And then there's this priceless little gem on page 208"...Jesus told us to fear Satan..." WHERE? My Bible has Christ telling us we have been given power and authority over Satan.
Another masterpiece of Graham theology is "Facing Death and The Life After." Page 217 boldly proclaims " God hates sin, but loves the sinners." So that's where that came from. It certainly wasn't from scripture which proclaims, "God is angry with the wicked everyday."[Psalm 7:11. Also 5:5-6 and Ephesians 2:1-3]. On page 148, Graham proudly quotes Hubert Humphrey,"...but without faith in yourself and your own ability to overcome your own difficulties...there is no healing."No where in scripture are we told to have faith in ourselves, but rather," He who trusts in his own heart is a fool."[Proverbs 28:26] and my own personal favorite," Cursed is the man who trusts in man"[Jeremiah 17:5]
In McCall's magazine, January 1978, Graham really laid his cards on the table." I can't play God anymore...I used to preach that pagans were lost-were going to hell if they didn't have the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached to them. I no longer believe that...I believe that there are other ways of recognizing the existence of God- through nature for instance- and plenty of other opportunities of saying "yes" to God."
While we're on that subject, in an interview with Robert Schuler, another apostate, in May of 1997, Graham stated," He[God] is calling people out of the world for His name, whether they come from the muslim world, or the Buddhist world, or the Christian world or the unbelieving world, they are members of the Body of Christ. They may not even know the name of Jesus Christ...and I think they are saved, and they are going to be with us in Heaven...they have never seen a Bible, but they've believed in their hearts that there was a God."
"Thou believest that there is one God, thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble."[James 2:19]
Other friends of Billy Graham include:

Bishop James A. Pike, who in 1959 led prayer at one of Graham's events, although Pike publically stated the garden of Eden and the virgin birth were myths which we are free to accept or reject.

J.B. Phillips, well known paraphraser and heretic, who believes 1] the new birth is simply a change of outlook, 2] devils aren't real but rather storm centers of the personality, 3] the Bible is not particularly the inspired word of God 4] Satan, of course, isn't real 5] no such thing as miracles 6] the ascension of Christ wasn't real just a parable.
When Graham visited Moscow before the collapse of the former Soviet Union, he fellowshipped exclusively with the heads of the official state churches, later revealed to be KGB agents, and utterly ignored the plight of the unregistered underground churches. But that's no surprise since he stated in Christianity Today, May 18,1992, p. 55 that "there was no religious persecution of Christians under communism." He also praised Mao Tse Tsung's principles and many other communist leaders. Of course, Graham always praises political leaders as being "spiritual and having desires to do God's will, no matter how immoral or opposed to the true gospel they may be.
So what other Grahamisms have slipped passed the radar?
" I do believe that something happens at the moment of baptism of an infant...we cannot fully understand the mysteries of God, but I believe that a miracle can happen in these children so that they are regenerated, that is made Christian through infant baptism." Lutheran Standard, October 1967
Graham uses the words "it's a mystery" a lot. Funny since Christ stated that it was given to us to know the mysteries of God.[Matt.13:11]
"While I believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, I do not find anywhere in the New Testament that this particular belief is necessary for personal salvation." Billy Graham answers 26 provocative questions, United Church Observer, July 1966.

Graham called tabloid psychic and astrologer Jean Dixon a woman of God.

Graham totally endorses the National and World Council of Churches and their one world religion agenda, and in turn they totally endorse Billy Graham. In fact Graham has done more than any one person to unite all the religions into a one world super-whore.

In an interview with David Frost [June of 1992] Graham stated that he believed UFO's were angels of God, never touching on demonic possibilities, which may be more plausible.

Billy Graham has told many Jewish leaders that because of their "special people of God" status, they they don't need to come to Christ. WOW! In fact there's quite a cozy relationship. Graham's daughters have lived in Israel at one time or another, and one of Graham's sons reportedly fought for Israel during the 6 day war.[C-9 Report for internal use only]
So what's Billy been up to lately? Pat Schenck, president of the National Clergy Council wrote on, June 30, 2005, "Why I walked out on Billy Graham." After being an admirer of Billy Graham for over 30 years, the author was shocked when at a New York crusade Bill and Hillary Clinton were brought out on stage, and after being praised by Graham, Bill Clinton was allowed to take the microphone for a few minutes and praise Graham. Graham then addressed the audience, "I told President Clinton that when he left office he should become an evangelist, because he has all the right gifts for it, and he should leave his wife to run the country."
The next day Hillary marched in the Gay Pride parade.

Hillary Clinton has revealed in Time Magazine, August 9, 2007, that Graham had told her that he really understood what she was doing and supported her. Graham stated that he thought Hillary had a warm and spiritual side to her. This is the woman who helped to cover up massacre at Waco Texas, the murders at Ruby Ridge, has worked with known communists, would dismantle the family and true Christianity in America and has been involved in MANY mysterious deaths of previous associates and business partners.
Oh, and by the way, in 1992 after George H.W. Bush gave his infamous "New World Order" speech, Graham announced on his "Embrace America 200" radio show, that we should embrace the New World Order.

Editor's note: What else could we expect from a Jew? Clearly, that is what Billy Graham is.
Now, about those crusades. We see the crowds coming forward, but there is much we aren't told. Only 2 per cent of people coming forward have never been Christians, and of these 80 per cent disappear shortly thereafter. Why? Well, "converts" are given the impression that all that is really required of them is "DECISION for Christ." Real discipleship doesn't really enter into the picture. They are then referred to Catholic churches, liberal, new age churches, and for some reason Jewish synogogues.
Heck, most "decisions" at crusades are for trivial matters such as quitting smoking.

A writer for the Williamette Weekly [October 1,1992] searched for an entire week at a Billy Graham crusade for an "unsaved" person, but couldn't find anyone who did not feel that they were not already Christians.
In Scotland, a poll was taken 1 month before a crusade and again 2 months after. Church membership actually fell. Money that could have been used for legitimate ministry, was wasted on a media mogul using Madison Avenue sales techniques.
Billy Graham has spent literally his entire life hob-knobbing with presidents, secretaries of state, movie stars and celebrities of every ilk, but how many of these people ever come out of their lifestyles to publically proclaim repentance and dedication to Christ. Some of you will undoubtedly say, we don't know what is in their hearts. Yes, we do. Christ Himself told us that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.
The sad fact of the matter is that Billy Graham set the standard for the modern pulpit coward, afraid to offend anyone with something so inconvenient as truth. The average Christian minister today is trying to be relevant to society rather than repentant. There is no holiness, no sanctification, no power. In a world where it takes special effects to hold the attention of the average person for more than 15 minutes, Billy Graham blazed the way for the dumbing down of Christianity, where good is evil and evil is good. Truly only a remnant will be saved, as multitudes have a form of godliness, but they reject the power of God, and loving unrestrained freedom turn the grace of God into lewdness.
Billy Graham will stand before Yahweh God Almighty, the Everliving, he shall stand before Him whose garments are dipped in blood who is called the Word of God and there will be much more required of him than a decision.

Editor's note: My immense thanks and appreciation to Pastor Eli James for publishing this in his Apocalypse News, #31.




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