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The Captain Morgan Affair

By Pastor Eli James

Many are confused by the fact that virtually all of our Founding Fathers were members of various lodges of Freemsonary.  The very word, 'Freemasonry,' conjures up evil conspiracies.  So, how can we reconcile the fact that our Founding Fathers were members of this obviously evil conspiracy?
Well, they weren't part of the conspiracy.
We have to understand that Freemasonry on the Continent of Europe was a far different animal from Colonial Freemasonry.  Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, both American Freemasons, had travelled to Europe and learned, by personal experience, what conspiratorial politics was all about.   As American Freemasons, they were welcomed into the lodges of the European orders.  What they discovered was that Continental Freemasonry had become a Fifth Column, filled with agents of the Rothschild Banking family.  In short, European Freemasonry had become "Illuminized" by Adam Weishaupt's plan to set up a conspiracy within a conspiracy -- to control Freemasonry by an even more secret society.  This ultimate secret society, the Illuminati, was designed to infiltrate the lodges of all of European Freemasonry without the knowledge of these Freemasons and thus direct Freemasonry towards the Rothschild objective of destroying Christian States and Monarchies through staged revolutions.  The French Revolution of 1789 was just such a staged event: planned and organized by the Illuminati and carried by duped Freemasons who thought that France would be a better place after the Revolution.  Little did they know...
Up until the time of the American Revolution, American Freemasonry was still very much a Protestant Christian institution.  Indeed, George Washington, also a Freemason, was as public a Christian as anyone could be.  In America, Freemasonry was still a gentlemen's club where the most educated men would gather to discuss philosophy, religion (including the Bible), politics, business, gossip, etc.  The fact is that these American Freemasons were better versed in the Bible than most people are today.  Also, being aware of Europe's intrigues, they were totally opposed to the concept of using secret societies to exploit the people.  Such schemes had become commonplace, just part of the corrupt practices of European Freemasonry, which was both anti-Catholic and anti-Monarchic.  American Freemasonry was more concerned with Colonial Rights and Liberty.  It could almost be said that the American Revolution was a victory for American Freemasonry over European Freemasonry. 
Without this distinction in mind, no sense can be made of the true patriotism of America's revolutionary Freemasons and their dedication to Independence and all of their anti-European policy statements, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Consitutition, and the Monroe Doctrine.  Otherwise, why would one group of "Freemasons" make war on another group of "Freemasons?"  The writings of our Founding Fathers reveal their Christian principles and their disdain for European politics and economics.
After the War of 1812, which was nothing more than an attempt by the Rothschilds to impose the Second National Bank upon the unwilling Congress, a certain Captain Morgan published a book exposing the subversive elements that were infiltrating American Freemasonry.  Two Rothschild Illuminati agents murdered Captain Morgan after he revealed this subversive influence.  As a result of this outrage, half of the American lodges were closed and the others were alerted to Illuminati infiltration, and Rothschild influence in America was severely curtailed until the Civil War, which was also fomented by the Rothschilds, who financially supported both the North and the South for the express purpose of destroying America by instigating our Civil War.  Their aim was to put put both North and South into debt to themselves by lending money to both sides.
The Captain Morgan Affair was a very important event in our history.  Had not Captain Morgan published his expose, the Illuminati would have infiltrated American Freemasonry much sooner.  Although American Freemasonry was at one time headed by the Illuminatus, Albert Pike, Freemasonry never became quite the force for subversion in the USA as it did in Europe.  Here are two articles that put the Captain Morgan Affair in perspective.
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