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Rabbits in the Hole

Author wishes to remain anonymous
April 8, 2009

I think I finally found the rabbits in the hole, or perhaps they're mole rats.

The "sanctuary" where my daughter was attacked by the tiger was flagged to not only have a Saudi funded resort scheme (again) called Great Cat Resorts, but they were also receiving funding and sponsorship through the State via the Development Corporation of Austin and the University of Minnesota - to create a biotech research campus with an emphasis on exotic animal genetics, exotic animal husbandry and exotic animal care. (This from folks with freezers full of exotic animal body parts for sale on the black market!) The start-up funds for this endeavor were allegedly coming, in part, from the intelligence community's controlled dope distribution enterprise, which is overseen by our DOJ/Sheriff's Department's. (This insures we only get the good stuff from the "good" guys.) The data mining, destruction of evidence, phone tapping, hiring of sexual predators to scare us....all of this was done to make me stop looking, but it had the opposite effect and only made me dig in harder and deeper.

John Cuneo, son of OSS/CIA fixer Ernest Cuneo supplied a great number of white tigers to the Kraft facility through his Hawthorne Corporation business. These animals promptly disappeared from Kraft's and while it was initially believed that they were sold to canned hunts, I am now considering that these animals were shipped off for biotech/genome research.

Here's what crystallized my focus: Elk Run. This is a proposed biotech research facility being brought to us by Mayo Clinic (heavily subsidized by the Saudi's), U of M (heavily subsidized by misused NIH grants), Tower Investments (a strategic partner of Rose Law Firm), Management Sciences for Health (H. Humphrey's front set up in the Nixon era for black ops funding in biological warfare research), the MN Department of Agriculture, and a host of stock brokerage houses etc. so they can no doubt run their pump n' dump/hedge fund scams.

It's an intelligence op[eration] masquerading as a "great opportunity" for the small city of Pine Island, MN. Leonard Ruiz, Jr.. of World Bank, USAID, Algenix (ALG black ops money funneled through second set of book through Algenix), International Medica, Psynomics, BIOVIRx, Oxford Property Management.... World Bank was Asia. USAID was Pakistan..

Larry Pease, Mayo Clinic Department of Immunology is the "Mayo Spokesperson" for the project. What the public does not know or hear is that Mr. Pease and Mr. Ruiz have shared a belt and loops for years and were partners at Algenix.

Dennis K. Anderson is another prominent player in this and lists the US State Department and USAID, along with the U of M on his bio.

Doug Cameron from Piper Jaffray is on the Board for Elk Run. Mr. Cameron was the 1 who sent my husband a fax with an offer of $10,000.00 if he would go against the advice of the pediatric infectious disease specialist and our daughter's primary care physician, and vaccinate her for rabies despite her status as a "high risk for adverse reaction" patient. We refused and so this illustrious group had Dr. Fred Meyers do a tissue biopsy on the tiger so they could run an unproven test for rabies on that tissue - without our knowledge or consent. The animal was moved to Iowa and a Cuneo cat was put down in his place. The bloody and skinned out carcass was shown to the press so everyone would KNOW that Como was dead. When I found out he wasn't and filed complaints and FOIA's for information, I was prosecuted on dummied up charges.

Kurt Markham, Marketing Director for State of MN Department of Agriculture used his CIA contact, Colonel Terry Markham, CIA Langley, to conduct covert ops against my family, which included data mining. Mr. Markham is another player in the whole Elk Run/DOD/CIA scam. He denies that he is related to Terry, but unfortunately, I have a document that says something entirely different.

In 1996 the DOJ intervened in a lawsuit filed by Dr. Zissler, a microbiologist from the U of M. Zissler sued because for two decades Dr. John Najarian administered and sold an experimental drug called ALG without the knowledge or consent of patients. Najarian did not keep records on adverse reactions - on anything, The U of M earned 85 million dollars from these illegal sales. NIH grant money was used to pay for people who did not work, for supplies not purchased.....and amounts were inflated. According to Jim Rothstein, this was all part of what went into the second set of books so CIA could fund black ops. The government only stepped in when Dr. Zissler's suit threatened to expose the intelligence scamming/looting. This is similar to what happened with us in that the DOJ stepped in and executed search warrants at Kraft's just before we would have received financial information, and then they only let our lawyers see certain documents and told them they could not discuss what they saw with us. Fortunately, one of the attorneys gave us the names of the 9 banks Kraft's were using to smurf funds through.

A close friend of my husband's was a resident under John Najarian and testified at the trial. Mark was not asked about and did not talk about the 17 hour surgery he stood in on where the patient was given ALG, had an adverse reaction, and bled to death. We were at his house when he walked in, completely wrecked, and frantically tried to scrub the blood out of his shoes. The water was running red - something I will never forget.

I have found a link to contaminated soil around the University of California-Davis with this group. I have been told about, and need to investigate a cancer cluster that is being concealed in Austin, MN - associated with a biotech/ag chem/Hormel research facility hidden on the south side of town and on Rose Creek. Entire families have been decimated by cancers, namely leukemia, pancreatic, and liver cancers. We have the history of the U of M and their physicians conducting unethical and unlawful experiments using human beings as guinea pigs without their knowledge or consent, and we have Mayo Clinic dead to rights and involved in an experimental surgery done for no reason other than as a personal favor to proven criminals who were also running a second set of books to launder dope money, a portion of which was going to be used to build a facility where God only knows what kind of unethical experiments would have been conducted. We do have their attorney, dinged for tax evasion on "well over $600,000.00 and operating Southeastern Minnesota Air Transport(?) as well as a chinchilla farm for NIH, stating in the courtroom, "The tiger should not be put down because we're not quite at the point where we have Jurassic Park technology so we can't bring him back. Almost, but not quite." Guess they missed the movie.....things didn't go so well for the visitors to their "park."

There is no way to approach the government with requests to run an ethical, lawful, responsible biotech research center because this crew has already proven they are not ethical, law abiding, responsible or even sane in my opinion. So I am taking the data, information, research and my concerns to the public because we are the ones who will die from cancer, SARS, hybridoma technology, anthrax experimentation..... I'd like to suggest they move Elk Run to GW Bush's ranch in Texas, or his 8000 acre spread in Paraguay.

The University of Minnesota had 35 per cent of their staff quit after the Najarian scandal. What was never published but is known in the medical community, is that they did not leave because they were disgusted and opposed to the gross ethical violations and lax oversight by the university; they left because most of them were involved in the same sort of scams. My husband's father prayed that the Chair of the Department of Radiology would be prosecuted, but prosecution doesn't come for people who are helping write fat paychecks to intelligence operatives who stand just to the left or right of their charter and the law.

I am not going to be the darling of the black ops community, but what this gang is doing has nothing to do with keeping the guys in the field safe and everything to do with padding their retirement at the expense of the guys in the field. Someone has to give a damn and say, "No." I'm finding a group here - but this is what we're up against.

Any help, info, contacts you or those you know can provide would be greatly appreciated. While we want to disrupt the bad, we do not want to disrupt any good initiatives that may come from an operation like this. Since we're dedicated amateurs who failed to receive our apathy injections, we risk damaging legitimate initiatives. We don't want to do that.

ADDENDUM dated April 9, 2009

Mayor Gary Landgrebe of Racine, MN, was running a second set of books and kept the records on his personal laptop. We know that because he died in a bizarre helicopter crash and his wife announced that she could not get into the "Sensitive City Financials" because "Gary built a special firewall to protect the information." The laptop disappeared from their home two days later. I want to ask the city administrator from Pine Island if he is running a second set of books.

There is information on John Najarian and the ALG scandal on the web. It was horrible, but clearly the DOJ stepped in only to prevent the truth from coming out because Najarian wasn't prosecuted and did not lose his license for the ethics violations he clearly committed. Two articles mention the second set of we go again.




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