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By Dejan Lucic

Dejan Lucic discovers that Khazars started the First World War in order to destroy European empires.

- In WW1 Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman empires have banished. Through their man Lenin, Khazars were installing communism into Moscow, while their man Ataturk was pointed on the head of Turkey, who was also from Jewish background. They let Ataturk commit genocide to Greeks and Armenians in order to gain popularity and strengthen its power. Creation and winning of a "good war" is a great way and a good recipe for strengthening power. Vladimir Putin in today's time gain popularity over the success in the wars in Chechenia and Medvedev used the same recipe in Georgia.

Editor's note: It is my understanding that the Jews caused genocide of the Armenians. If anyone has proof to the contrary, please provide said proof.

In these lines we ask the question about creation of Yugoslavia and whether it represented desire of Balkan close nations for unity or it represented certain interest of Khazars?

Yugoslavia was created to represent a barrier between Germany and Turkey. Aleksandar Obrenović’s assassination, bringing Karadjordjevic dynasty to power is the same part of the story.

Serbs were sacrificing lamy in the service of great forces in WW II.

First thing we need to know is that Adolf Hitler was the Khazar project. He was actually a grandson of Solomon Major Rothschild who made a child to its serving lady Sikle Gruber. Hitler was financed from British and US banks, even Prescott Bush, grandfather of President Bush was bringing money to Hitler. Many of Hitler's close associates were Khazars. We can mention only a few – Boreman, Rosenbergh, Aichman, creator of missiles Fon Brown. His mistress Eva Brown was from the "lost 13th Jewish tribe.“

His opponents – Stalin, Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower were Khazars. Read the book and convince yourselves before they ban it!

Editor's note: I am not sure which book this is, but I have this information in my editions.

When we talk about Yugoslavia during WW II it was flooded with highly influenced agents. MI6 agents, which have been controlled by Khazars for more than 200 years now, were Ante Pavelic, Andrija Artukovic, Slavko Kvaternik, Lorkovic as well as Draža Mihajlović. Naturally, British agent was Tito as well, however, he was working for Kominterna. Moša Pijade (Sefard), who did the most damage to the Serbs and Serbian youth, was under the damage of Ribar brothers – out of family of Fisherikao, the same family Joska Fisher ex German foreign minister is from. All Fishers are Khazars. You will recognize them all their last names have a certain meaning. In my book Kingdom of Khazars 2 I expose 10,000 of their last names.

Everything that happened to the Serbs in W II was in the interest of "breakreocracy.“ Jasenovac was not made up only in the Vatican, but also in London. That is why Americans and Brits saved Ustase through their "rat channels" from punishment. The new genocide to Serbs was finished by Bljesak and Oluja. For that crime no one ever was accountable. The goal was kicking out the Serbs from communication fields. Railroad Knin – Zagreb – Belgrade just like the river Danube have to become safe for the future war against Russia. Serbs are not allowed to live there. Vojvodina is in the same package. Serbs are majority there, but that doesn't have to be the case in the near future.

Yugoslavia existed while it was in the interest of shadow rulers.

I guess it is clear to you that, just like in WW II, it was the same in 1991. Khazars had their agents of influence in Yugoslavia, just as they had politicians in all sides and through them they conducted their plans from hell. Franjo Tudjman was not a Croat, he was pure Khazar. Goldschtine, Gerschman, Diamnatstain, - Tudjman are all last names of Khazars. Milošević their man as well, he trusted their promises but at the end he was betrayed by Khazars. I repeat, if you do not understand what is going on in politics, just follow the track of money. No one was happy with big and strong Yugoslavia, which was highly damaged by war and turned into small dependent states. Yugoslavia was broken, so all of its properties could be more easily bought by Khazars. Read this information on my webpage – the name of the text is "Rothschild Occupation" and convince yourselves.

Editor's note: Slobodan Milosevic vehemently opposed the New World Order. This is the reason why he was subdued and not allowed justice in the Hague, dying while on trial.

Lucic’s oppinion is that Khazars have bought almost the entire Ex-Yugoslavia with the help of local taikuns.

That is a recipe which was used all over the world as well as in Serbia. Khazars set up a few big deals with local taikuns, provided them with great richness, and then through them they bought all that is worthy in Serbia. Taikuns are just a head office of Khazars. Therefore, I often say "Kosovo is a part of Serbia; all the rest belongs to Khazars."

Shadow rulers have a well known recipe for bringing their people on key positions in a certain state.

Khazars are making leadership solutions in many countries so many people who do not deserve to lead their nations are in power today. Very often, they may be even kind of stupid, but they obey orders. This system is run generationally. Let's say that someone's father was a member of a certain Intelligence agency under the kontrol of Khazars, then he pushes his son to get a key position in a country. Function is also given to a man/women who can be blackmailed and who knows well that it is thanks to shadow rulers that he/she holds such a position.

Lučić is certain that foreign services had a great role in the assassination of Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjić

Djindjić was a super intelligent man who did not fit into the Khazar view of polititian – with whom they can not manipulate. I believe Djindjić represented the obstacle to most of their interest in Serbia.

Kosovo and Metohija have a special interest for "breakerocracy.“

Creation of presedan with Kosovo independance was a very important step for them. Now other provinces around the world can claim the rights to declare independence as well. Naturally, it will not be allowed to France or Spain, but Khazars will use all their force to separate Siberia from Russia. It is a huge land and rich in resources, but with less then 8 milion inhabitants. Independence of Kosovo is just a belon test for independence of Siberia. One other test balloon is La Manshe, channel under UK and France. The real goal is to construct the tunnel under the sea between Alaska and Siberia; that idea was born way back in 1917.

With today cards, Serbia is faced with tough battle for KiM.

Let's not fool ourselves. We can get Kosovo back only with military action. Until we wait time [indistinguishable] intervention, we should be smart and look up (respect)to Jews – smartest peole on the planet and do exactly as they do. We have to secure South of Serbia, to settle some ex spetial unit officers there, provide them jobs and doing so, create armed willages. We have to create pre-conditions to come back to Kosovo. In the long run, I believe we have a better chance to get Kosovo back then Shiptars can make it sustainable to hold it. As soon as the US moves to Iran, support for Kosovo will significantly go down. Unfortunately, Kosovo independence will not be the only Serbian problem in time to come. Already there are plans to take Vojvodina out of Serbia. Scenario will be next: EU will suggest that Vojvodina join EU before Serbia, then Serbia to join and then in the end Kosovo. That would represent the best hook most people will bite in Vojvodina. Today's story around the Constitution of Vojvodina is just an exercize for another hell plan for Serbia. Behind this plan is the plan of the renewal of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. EU is not sustainable in the long run and it will collapse in the near future. Until then, Vojvodina has to separate from Serbia and this very fertile land has to become a part of renewed Empire, considering that after the EU collapses, Europe will be divided into regional alliances.

Editor's note: Mr. Lucic is not aware that the Jews are the Synagogue of Satan or he would not be so anxious to look up to them

Just like the most influential conspiracy (interest) theorists, Lučić estimates that WW III will start in 2012.

Global war between Russia and USA will start over Ukraine which Khazars want to see in NATO no matter the price. In early spring 2009 it will start with Iran probably. US will need an excuse probably some new 9/11. I would not be surpirsed if they perform an assassination of Barack Obama because he already has a status of a rock star in the USA and with his assassination huge rage will be pointed to falsly accused Iranians.

There are two main reasons to attack Iran.

First one is Iranian natural gas. America wants to get it. If they do, they could force Europeans to buy it. Propounding the war with Iran strengthens Russia and weakens the USA. The Empire's time is running out. The was is inevitable. "South Float," Russian gas pipeline and "Nabuko," the US project is a clash of two empires. It is a great project, and it is definitely no wonder why some of our politicians are lobbying against construction of the "South Float" by Gasprom to go through Serbia. These politicians got a clear message from their mentors – "either you will work or we will make you dissapear and bring someone else on [sic] your position." Also, the Iran attack has as its goal to create a Khazar state which used to be located between the Black and Caspian seas and Iran. That represents a second huge interest to Khazars – USA and Israel.




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