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Who amongst us voluntarily arrived in America, and who didn't?

Most of us have ancestors who voluntarily came to the shores of what we now call the United States of America. Oh, there are some who were indentured servants, whose passage was paid for by someone other than themselves, but the vast majority of people who left the old world for the new had the ability to walk freely on the ship on which they travelled, and did so.

But there were millions who did not. They came as captured people who had no ability to roam freely on the ships that carried them to the New World for more than two hundred years, kidnapped by the Jews who thereafter sold them into slavery if they indeed arrived into the new land at all. These are the people about which this editorial discloses today.

There was one ship, the Amistad, in 1839 which was able somehow to be miraculously commandeered by its captives and turned around to return to Africa, proving that these people had no desire to embark on the journey to the new world that was foisted upon them. Millions of others, unfortunately, were not so fortunate as they laid chained together as sardines in the hold of their ships lying in their own excrement, with the women on one level suffering rape at the hands of the captain of ships that were owned by such as Aaron Lopez, a Jew who owned many of the ships that carried these unfortunate people away from their homeland never to see it again. Millions of them perished lying flat in the ship's hold who were then buried in the watery grave that we call the Atlantic Ocean. Only the most stout survived the 6 week journey that is known as the Middle Passage.

Long before I was able to launch my e-zine, I learned of a Caucasian woman in Louisiana who owned an article from a local newspaper in which there was a photo of an African who was being auctioned off into slavery. She wanted to sell me this photo, which was taken in 1804, but I did not have the means by which to buy it from her. She stated that her family was not interested in this issue, so she might just as well sell it to someone to obtain money for it as it was of no use to her to leave to her family upon her demise.

I suggested that she try to sell it to an historical society. Whether she took my advice is something that I will never know for we lost contact at some point in time after that.

Progressing up to today, the Jews began the NAACP in which the first leader was a Jew. It would be years before an African, Benjamin Hooks, would be the head of the NAACP. It is an organization to help Jews, not people of African descent. I am not even mentioning another organization that purports to helping people of African descent, because I have published about it earlier.

Now in the past several years, the amount of which I am uncertain, the Jews have instigated people of African descent into killing Caucasians because of the Jew's hatred of us who have fair skin. The people of African descent are incarcerated for this, and the Jews get off scot free. The Jews have caused the people of African descent to hate those of us in the Caucasian community, because they think that we are to blame for their plight, while it is the Jews who are, and denied people of the Caucasian community the knowledge that it was they, the Jews, who have brought this all about in the first place.

Additionally, Gary Webb, now deceased, exposed that it was the CIA that was bringing cocaine into the streets of Los Angeles first in the newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News, and later in his book Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion ISBN 1-888363-68-1. So the people of African descent have been betrayed countless times along with Caucasian people because we have been the victims, too, of the Jew's cunning and deceit.

The vast majority of inmates in prisons are people of African descent, and AIDS was developed to kill off people of African descent too as well as Africans who live in Africa. This is documented in my fourth edition, so no need to reiterate it here other than to continue to document the chaos that the Jews have perpetuated upon this community.

When one of these people became an activist for the betterment of all of us, the American government levied atrocities on her as I have documented in one of my editions, and now sprays her causing her to have difficulty breathing.

There is someone in the Christian Identity Israelite community who defames me as a Negro lover when all I am doing is seeking justice for this community who fear God and are honest people just as Caucasians are. However, this individual categorizes all people of African heritage as beasts just as the Jews categorize Caucasians as beasts with their word Goyim which translates into cattle.




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