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Letters to the Editor

Dear Arlene,

Yes, the CIA and FBI are up to all sorts of evil tricks, while the masses cheerfully accept them murdering, robbing, torturing blackmailing, slandering, extortion rackets against, trying to enslave, etc any others, in other words any kind of violence, against others, as long as they, the masses, think (are deluded) they can benefit. As the Germans initially actually did benefit from Hitler's policies (especially after that Treaty of Versailles that those bastards, Wilson, Clemenceau, and Balfour forced down all our throats - and I KNOW how many of Australia's finest young men were slaughtered as sacrificial lambs on the altar of European Royalties' imperialist ambitions).

Those sociopaths and paranoid control freaks, those wolves in "power" will always do their utmost to separate/isolate us shepherds from the sheep we try to protect. They will always vilify us as paranoid and insane. That is the bureau-fascist method long recognised in the management profession.

Man's inhumanity to Man doesn't change. The only change is cyclical, so that for a short time after WWII, the World's trajectory seemed to be constructive: now the "Christ Killers" are in charge (on top, "winners") again (yes, obscenely rich Jews, but also other hypocrites, such as politicians - who are happy to point their blood stained thieving fingers at Hitler, for example -, the Catholic Church - who supported Hitler, and still support his successors -, The Illuminati, the Synarchy, the Mont Pelerin Society; indeed the Corporate Taliban generally).

All stop at nothing, including eugenics and genocide, for "power" and profit (since the 1960s, Australia's Labor Party, now seriously misnamed, has been more savage and ruthless than most. They all hate and fear Truth, and stomp on Truth tellers and their families quite mercilessly. They are indeed truly Christ Killers.

But despite what they've done to my family and me, I will not be subjugated, to the Death. I am their sworn enemy.

You are fighting the Good Fight, Arlene, so don't let petty thugs as them deflect you. Remember what Jesus said and did. They might kill us, but they cannot kill Man's Godly spirit.

Maarten de Vries

Hegelian Dialectic

Yep, they took two opposites, crashed them together on 9/11, and something new came of it. That something new includes a society in the USA that is living in slavery without even knowing it because they did it to themselves which is how this whole ploy that began centuries ago, was envisioned. It worked rather well for the planners, I'd say. I don't think they are yet sitting in their libraries handing out cigars yet. The new birth plan of zombies everywhere in the USA has taken a hit. I don't think they were counting on any civilians being able to take notice of their long-range plan :-). Some of us stayed awake and decided to do some research to find out what was happening. We became aware, is all - enough to protect ourselves from the massive brainwashing tactics that were intentionally and deliberately placed on the entire population of men, women and children in the USA. Heck, I think the citizens of the USA have been easier to control than the citizens of old Germany were. Well, I think a majority of them gave up way too easily to be natural. American citizens didn't used to be whims so that's why I believe the whimp-hood they are doing right now is caused by unnatural sources such as bad soil, poison in the food, air and water (extra fluoride in the water to decrease brain activity, for example). Processed foods that screw up brain cells and body cells - and then TV - OMG! The manipulators of all of this couldn't lose. You gotta know they had to have learned a lot about brainwashing from Earth's Germany experience and other such historical events.

To solve this means individuals coming to grips with the facts as well as good evidence pointing to the reality that the USA does not love its citizens; does not care about its citizens; and is only interested in policing the world. What a strange notion that is to me. They can't even police their own nation which is why corruption in the USA is everywhere. Once an individual realizes these things, they too can prepare to stop their own brainwashing and do something different than they've done before. They can begin becoming self-sufficient. We are not going to "fix" this one until Today's society dies and a new society is born - one that has learned the value of having a reverence for life; one that knows it is quite profitable for everyone when a society has compassion for life over greed and a thirst for power over others.


Dear Arlene

Thank you for your high confidence in me. Do you know, my dear Iraqis are fighting two occupations at one time, the U.S. occupation and the Iranian occupation? The Iraqis believe that there is a hidden and understanding between Americans and Iranians on the occupation of Iraq.

But what appears in the media world of U.S. hostility to Iran is a throwing of dust in the eyes.

There is evidence of Iranian intelligence penetrating the fabric of Iraq as well as penetrating the new Iraqi army and Iraqi police now.

Iranian intelligence and the assassination of the old Iraqi army officers and pilots who participated in the Iran-Iraq war.

Yesterday the Iraqis gave George W. Bush a farewell...A shoe of an Iraqi man


Just visited your website--great job! I am most impressed. I have started my own website recently and am still under construction, I would like to link your site along with the others I have listed under "Links." Let me know what you think.

Yahweh Bless,

Jerel Mosley



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