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The Internet As You Know It Is Slated For Death By 2012

By Barbara L. Minton
August 15, 2008

(NaturalNews) It's probably safe to say that many of you reading this article right now came upon the website while you were roaming around on the internet looking for empowering information to help get healthy or to protect the good health you have. Can you imagine what it would mean to you to lose your freedom to search for free, unlimited, and uncensored information on the internet? You may soon find out as the two largest internet service providers in Canada, Telus and Bell Canada, use the Canadian people as the first test in the efforts of the power elite to drastically and forever change the delivery of internet service.

Since the internet began to gain popularity in the early 1990s, we as a society have had access to information at a speed and depth never dreamed of by our recent ancestors. About 1 billion people use the internet, and each of them is able to communicate with the rest of them anytime and anywhere on the planet. The internet was predicted to bring out the worst in people, but the truth is that it has brought out the best in us. Although our identities can be masked, as a people we have generally told the truth and acted fairly on the internet. We have only begun to realize to what level our awareness can be heightened by using the internet.

At a time when our freedoms are being hacked from underneath us, the internet is our bedrock of resistance. It is the only medium not owned, controlled and censored by big money and big power. It is only on the internet that we hear the truth about those who seek to dominate us and use us as pawns to further their own agendas.

Unfortunately, when there are profits to be had the needs of society don't matter. The truth of this statement was recently revealed when two Canadian telecommunications giants, Telus and Rogers, rolled out a charge for text messaging. The increased charges were not sustained as people banded together using the internet to send the corporations a clear message to forget it.

This may be a shining example of how the internet can be used to fight big corporations, but it is also a glaring example of the kind of resistance the power elite will not tolerate.

Now Telus and Bell Canada are planning to radically change the way internet service is delivered. The magnitude of this change will end the internet as we know it.

According to an article by Kevin Parkinson at Global – Center for Research on Globalization, an upcoming report in Time Magazine will attempt to smooth over the rough edges of a diabolical plot by Telus and Bell Canada to charge per site fees on most internet sites. The plan will convert the internet into a cable-like system in which customers will sign up and pay for access to specific web sites and then pay ala carte to visit any sites beyond the package they have bought. It's modeled on the manner in which cable TV subscribers buy prepackaged service, leaving them open to purchase extra services on a per view basis. Many sites not popular enough to be bundled would disappear.

The plan is slated to become effective in 2010 in Canada says Parkinson. Two years later, the plan will become world wide. Canada was chosen as the initial target for the plan because of the perceived relaxed openness of the citizens and their lack of political savvy.

Editor's note: I found the Canadians I met very politically savvy.

Aside from filling corporate coffers, this plan to restrict internet availability will serve the power elite quite well. The internet has been the one roadblock to the implementation of the elite's agenda set for the beginning of the 21st century, the next phase of the move toward One World Government, also known as The New World Order. Pockets of resistance have halted steps essential to the progress of this agenda, such as the current efforts underway by the people of Texas to stop construction of the Trans Texas Corridor. Internet restriction would go a long way in squelching this resistance.

Are the corporations right in their assessment of the people of Canada? What about the people of America? Will we be steamrolled once again or will we be willing to take a stand here at the threatened loss of our most powerful tool? Maybe we will realize that if we lose the internet, we will have lost everything.

You can learn more about the move to One World Government because thankfully today you still have free access to all the information on the internet. The film Endgame is a good place to start your education. You can watch it for free at

The creator of the film, Alex Jones, also is the creator of a very informative website
( .

When you first came to you may have thought the information here was radical. It may have taken you a few visits before you began to realize that at Natural News, you are being told the truth. You will probably have the same reaction to the Alex Jones sites, where the truth you are being told is so far away from what the mainstream media tells you that it is very unsettling at first.

After you have seen Endgame, you will probably want to research the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, and the Trilateral Commission. And you can use your freedom to roam on from there. The more you find out, the more you will see how all the pieces fit together, and how the information you are getting from Natural News fits into the whole picture.

Editor's note: Anyone who has been reading The Journal of History (formerly True Democracy) will automatically have become aware of these organizations as the second and third ones were exposed in the first edition which was published on March 2, 2001, and the first one was exposed in the seventh edition which appeared in September 2002.

What you will find may shock you, cause stress, and give you some sleepless nights. It is absolutely stunning in its magnitude. And yet this information is also very liberating and empowering. Many of the questions you have lurking in the back of your mind will be answered. Sir Francis Bacon had it right when he told us that "Knowledge is Power."



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