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Vaccine Sincerity Test in NY

February 1, 2009

As a reaction to the ever growing number of parents who do not trust the current vaccination schedule or vaccines for that matter and are therefore not in compliance with state mandates, the state of New York (which offers a religious exemption to them) is now ordering parents to undergo "Sincerity Testing" in a court of law.

In other words, if you file a religious exemption, they are taking you to court to grill you under oath about the sincerity of your faith. If they don't think you are sincere enough, they can revoke your exemption. This is the same state that just took a group of parents last summer to court for failure to comply, thus vaccinating their children against their will on site. If the parents did not comply, they faced possible jail time and parental fitness questioning.

Whether or not you believe vaccines cause Autism or any other neurodevelopmental or health outcome not specified, you have to be horrified at the idea of our government forcing you to prove your sincerity to your faith!! And then deciding if they believe you! This is a matter of a person's constitutional rights!

Editor's note: There are no constitutional rights for people, because you are not a party to the constitution.

This is only going to get worse and the controversy continues to swell. In fact, I have it on good faith that right now a group I won't name is working diligently to create vaccine registries for schools and public officials to access at will to expedite the process. Thankfully many states still allow for philosophical and religious exemptions without this non-sense, but be prepared, it may be coming.

Matthew T. Wolfertz
Life University CHOP Student Intern
UCHC Student Representative

Dr. Kevin Broome
Upper Cervical Health Centers of America
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Anderson, SC 29621
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