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The Six Fingered Race with Type O Blood

By Michael B

We are dealing with at least two races of beings not of this Earth.

One would be the REPTILIANS who created the MEROVINGIAN RACE or those who have the VAMPIRE GENE ( PP0X ) on their red blood cell genome.  And the MISSING DELTA 32 RECEPTOR missing from their CD4 Lymphocytes ( white blood cells ) thereby making them
100 per cent IMMUNE to the HIV DISEASE.

I have too many references on this to list them all.   However, I will list two.

SEPTEMBER 1997 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN regarding the CCR5 GENE and the DELTA 32 RECEPTOR.

And the JUNE 1997 issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE which details the SECRET IMMUNITY to HIV.

But enough on the MEROVINGIAN IMMUNITY to HIV.  I want to report my recent findings of another race of beings not of this earth who are big players in the NEW WORLD ORDER.

This would be the SIX FINGERED RACE with the TYPE O BLOOD. While I had my own program on SHORTWAVE RADIO ( WWRB ) out of Manchester Tennessee one of my listeners called me and told me that he had been born with SIX FINGERS on EACH HAND and had TYPE O BLOOD.

This is the BLOODLINE of PHAOROAH and the ATLANTEANS.  Since that time I obtained a book from the American Geneological Society.   Entitled the " PLANTAGENET ANCESTRY" by Douglas Richardson.  It lists 205 families who immigrated to the 13 colonies from England during the 1600's and 1700's. These 205 families all have the SIX FINGERED GENOME.  And were all related to the PLANTAGENET KINGS of ENGLAND who ruled England from 1066 AD until 1485 AD.  The last PLANTAGENET KING of ENGLAND was RICHARD the THIRD who was defeated by HENRY the EARL of RICHMOND at the BATTLE of BOSWORTH FIELD in 1485.

GEORGE WASHINGTON was a member of this SECRET SPACE ALIEN BLOODLINE.  The WASHINGTON FAMILY immigrated to the 13 colonies in 1650.

Editor's note: George Washington's portrait hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London, England.

Another of my listeners in Brooklyn New York just told me recently that radio station WBAI 99.5 FM in New York was putting out solicitations trying to locate an INDIGENOUS RACE of INDIANS from PUERTO RICO who also possessed SIX FINGERS on each hand and SIX TOES on EACH FOOT.  They are known as the DIAN INDIANS.

More information keeps piling up on these issues.  Another listener has informed me that a relief pitcher for the Florida Marlins baseball team has SIX FINGERS on each hand and SIX TOES on each foot.  His name is ANTONIO ALFONSECO.

And there is more.  Another listener sent me a photograph of an Egyptian hieroglyph from a book entitled " SECRETS of the GREAT PYRAMID" where it shows PHAOROAH perfectly clear as having SIX FINGERS on EACH HAND.

As far as I know I am the only researcher in the world working on these issues other than the Illuminati.

This MYSTERIOUS SIX FINGERED RACE is mentioned at least 3 times in the KING JAMES BIBLE.




There was a member of the WASHINGTON FAMILY ( STERLING WASHINGTON ) who was one of the FOUNDING FATHERS of the CIA.



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