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Czar Assassins

The man who headed the firing squad that executed the Russian royal family, Yakov Yurovsky, was also Jewish, as was the Bolshevik official who reported the deaths to Lenin, Yakov Sverdlov. [KRICHEVSKY, Behind, 1997, p. 8] Or, as Arkady Vaksberg puts it: "There is no getting around the fact that the first violins in the orchestra of death of the tsar and his family were four Jews -- Yakov Yurovsky, Shaia Goloshchekin, Lev Sosnovsky, and Pinkus Vainer (Pert Voikov). The concert master and conducter was Yakov Sverdlov." [VAKSBERG, p. 37]

Another Jewish Soviet leader, Filipp Goloschchekin, "was one of the main organizers of the murder of the tsar's family in 1918 ... [He also] displayed boundless cruelty in the genocide of the Kazakhs when he became Party leader of Kazakhstan." [VAKSBERG, p. 17]

Editor's note: These men carried out Rothschild's plan to assassinate the Czar and his family because of the Czar who supported President Abraham Lincoln in the American Civil War. The Czar's assassination in 1918 was in retaliation for that support in 1860.

The Gestapo

The Gestapo is a Rothschild organization. Stated by a friend of this editor on Sunday, January 25, 2009 on the air.

CIA Started Bilderbergers

Hilary and Obama both attended Bilderbergers last June at the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, the same hotel at which Bilderberg met in 2002. We don't have to speculate; just read a little history, Joseph Retinger, CIA, started Bilderbergers.

Just as CIA put a lot of money into corralling European and expat leftists after WW II, and they also put up fronts to corral rightists and monarchists behind an anti-communist tone to political thought of Europe-uniters and Franco-German reconcilers. Voila, Bilderbergers.

The Real Reason for the Removal of Jews from Gaza

The removal, under the orders of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2005, of all Jewish settlements in Gaza, in which a Jewish population of over 7,000 was relocated, was part of the overall covert operation, which consisted in transforming Gaza into a concentration camp. As long as Jewish settlers were living in Gaza, the objective of sustaining a large barricaded prison territory could not be achieved. The Implementation of "Operation Cast Lead" required "no Jews in Gaza."

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Origins of the Catholic Church

"The [Catholic] Church has always understood the definition of anti-Semitism to be the rejection of Jews because of their Jewish roots. This is condemned by the Church. Incidentally, this is self-evident in a religion whose founders and all important individuals in its early history were Jews."

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'I Will Not Travel to Auschwitz'

Editor's note: The word, Jews, had its earliest derivation during Shakespeare's life, which was in the 16th century, not when the Catholic church was founded, which was in the third century.

Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff

Obama’s immediate choice for White House Chief of Staff was dual-Israeli citizen Rahm Israel Emanuel, son of an Irgun terrorist; considered by many to be a high-level member of the Mossad and the most dangerous man in America, and that all this goes on completely unacknowledged in the US media.

The State of Israel & Egypt

In 1967 when the Arab Israeli War was taking place, the state of Israel destroyed the entire Egyptian Air Force while it was on the ground.
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