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Dutch History

ID cards: a story I thought I'd never write.

By Henk Ruyssenaars
September 20, 2005 Holland

Freedom is buried in 'Apartheid' state The Netherlands: from the 1st of January 2006 all 16 million people in the country will get a new 'Citizen's Service Number,' turning the country into one big jail. The first Apartheid process against 250 people - out of ten thousands who could not show an ID Card - starts next week.

Amsterdam - Sept. 20th 2005 - This is a story I thought I would never have to write. But, the neocons* managing The Netherlands, like in the US a so called 'Christian government,' gave its approval last Friday September 16, 2005, for the introduction of a biometric type of ID from October next year, a credit card style 'driving license.' It's the last nail in the Dutch coffin for freedom: after the yoke of compulsory ID cards now the Dutch get an electronic bit in their mouth, completing the electronic steering.

Freedom in Holland officially died January 1, 2005 when a new law came into effect, making it compulsory in the Netherlands for everybody above the age of 14 to - at all times and outside of one's home - carry an official ID. Leaving home without it means at least a fifty Euro fine, eventually a court case. The first trial - in which a batch of two-hundred-and-fifty people is taken to court for not carrying an ID card - starts next week September 28th in the central Dutch city of Utrecht. Demonstrations against this Dutch, and also global shame, have been announced.

At the end of last August close to fourty-seven-thousand people had been fined, of which four thousand were children aged 14 and 15. Last January around 100 people a day were stopped, checked by the police and fined when they were not able to immediately produce a valid ID card.


And I've never thought I'd ever have to cover the same trials in my native Holland. Compassionate, understanding people and groups always were fighting Apartheid and the compulsory passes for the blacks in South Africa. Thirty years ago I saw in Johannesburg what will happen in Holland next week: the inhumane spectacle of hundreds of people who have been dragged into court because they - in their own country - could not immediately show an ID card and are punished. And remember: we were promised a European Union without borders, where we all would be able to travel freely, not even needing a passport. None of it was true: it was all a pack of lies.

According to the dutch industry's disinformation bureau ANP, the new ID card c.q. driving license "includes an anti forgery kinegram - a sort of hologram formed by fine lines of different thickness and shape. As the angle of the light changes, the image of kinegram also changes, producing the effect of a moving picture." It is of course not mentioned that the new 'driving license' also includes with data information loaded chips (RFID's) which will make it possible to control anybody anywhere.

RFID-chips which can be de-activated by the people in power. They have given themselves the tools to limit at will the freedom of movement of anybody, anytime and anywhere.


The Netherlands is paving the repressive way for the European Union countries: if the neocon management of a country does not like your ideas or you are not 'profitable,' you will be socially and economically 'dead,' and your movements will be curbed. It means for instance that the overhead display on a highway can warn you that you are not allowed to drive any farther: all traffic lights will show 'red' if you do.

You probably can't drive your own car anyhow, because if you are critical of their system you will not be allowed to own one. Those having a car will - depending on their behavior - have fuel rationed or not. It's up to 'them' if you're allowed to tank and how much, or leave a city, suburb, province, state, or country.

With their new ID card/driving license - which you pay a hefty price for, to them - you are electronically fettered, and will or will not be able to buy airline, train, boat, or bus tickets. Your bank account can be blocked at any moment, like the other bank's credit cards which you must use. And anywhere - in any building, office, shop, subway or your place of work - entrance can be electronically denied.

Your new ID card will confine you to the area and possibilities and/or limitations they choose. Not you! Like receiving medical care or not: it's not only indicating your blood group, your card. The same ID card will be your key - or not - to an Internet which they control. It is electronical slavery optima forma, controlling and restricting your life. Without an ID you don't exist anymore: you are a non-person. A pariah in the New World Order, without a fully valid ID, the new status symbol of the slaves.

The Netherlands is #6 on the list of the richest countries in the world, and the Dutch people pay - after Sweden - the highest taxes in the world. Still - according to official CBS statistics - one million people vegetate on a minimum income, and 'free food' banks see to their needs, lest they go hungry. In one of the richest countries in the world? Henry Ford was right, and we have the problem too, of being permanently lied to and cheated - Url.:


The latest example of their malignant practices is this: in one of the biggest billion dollar scams and thefts ever in Holland, as usual excused by their media- and political prostitutes, now 'the banks' and their insurance companies are taking over all health care in The Netherlands from January 1, 2006: ripping off the whole population. What they and their banks again are doing, in the Dutch language - and correctly - is called 'roofmoord,' meaning robbery and murder in one.


In The Netherlands demonstrations are prepared against what many compare to the same economical maltreatment as Israeli neocons, the Mossad and their IDF military have done unto the Palestinians for decades: an inhumane and totally lawless and reckless abuse of human beings for the profit of 'their' ideas and banks. [] - Turning the country into one huge jail with electronic fences. In a demonstration against the disgusting development the Dutch 'House of Parliament' in The Hague - managed by neocon 'speaker' Weisglas - coming Saturday the 24th it will be surrounded by people holding hands, and who demonstratively will turn their back towards all those crooks once chosen to represent 'we the people,' but who have betrayed us all.

Betrayed us in the same way as most of those guilty cowards and 'Quislings' calling themselves 'journalists' - in the APAX and other main$tream media sewers; those Judas's who have sold themselves to the neocon's nefarious New World Order of the London Banks and their villainous band of thieves.

So, what's in store for us? During World War II the Nazis in the Netherlands had no problem whatsoever to round up all Jews in razzias for transportation - with the Dutch railways and its personnel - to first the Dutch and than the Nazi's concentration camps. The Dutch authorities - like the Swedes, Swiss etc. had given every Jew a big 'J' on their ID cards.

Like this one for instance: an identification card issued to Sam Schrijver, a Jew, on August 29, 1941, in Amsterdam. After the Germans occupied Holland, Schrijver was actively involved in the Dutch underground, for whom he fashioned false identification cards and smuggled ration coupons. Arrested in 1943, Schrijver endured numerous beatings and lengthy periods of incarceration. He escaped death however. - []

While covering the Apartheid abuses in South Africa thirty years ago, I was arrested in the 1 million black township of Soweto, jailed and immediately kicked out of the country, after having been declared "Persona non Grata.' I never ever thought that I would see the same ID abuses happening in Holland later on, this time advocated by the same people who suffered so much because of it in World War II. But the greedy neocon's banks and their collaborating ilk keep doing it. One of the results being that the first group of 250 people will be in court and punished next week, because they - like the Palestinians or earlier the South African blacks - could not immediately show an ID card.

The people maltreating and emptying The Netherlands at present, behind their 'Judeo-Christian' facade are a disgusting and permanent crime against humanity, and must be punished as soon as is possible.

The clever conclusion should not be too difficult: stop 'them' before they stop you!

They use all means: why shouldn't we?

Editor's note: This is what one can expect in a nation in which the relatively secret organization was founded, the Bilderberg Group.

Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

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Editor's note: I used to think that the troops should come home too, but then learned that the troops would be used against American citizens which would violate the Posse Comatatus law. After all, the troops have been so badly brainwashed that they think that they are fighting for democracy. So they are liable to do whatever the government wants to the people of the country too. So now what I want is for the troops to be deprogrammed so they won't carry out what the government wants them to do against the citizens upon arriving at home.



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