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The Secret Of Iraq

By Eustace Mullins
December 30, 2004

The secret of our involvement in Iraq is no secret. This area has been known from 600,000 B.C. to 5,000 B.C. as a Paleolithic era country. We cowered in terror before the threat of Iraq's weapons of mass delusion, a la Harry Boudini and its threat of imminent nuclear annihilation, only to find, on inventing Iraq in a desperate attempt to stave off destruction, that its present leader, Saddam Hussein, had been a CIA asset for the past forty years, with his handlers numbering both Bush pere at fils, and that his nuclear capability had been destroyed years ago by Israeli assaults using American planes AND BOMBS, etc. Did we heave a sigh of relief upon learning this news? No, we were more terrified than ever, as we entered the defining Age of America, the Age of Terror, under which we labor today.

Now Iowa farm youths are dying in unarmored pleasure vehicles manufactured by General Motors, the infamous Hummers. They are dying in Babylon, a name unfamiliar to most Americans, because Dan Rather tells us it is Bagdad, a modern version of the notorious Whore of Babylon.

Has anyone in Washington ever heard of the Sumerian Empire? The Assyrian Empire? Certainly none of the 3100% overpaid, highly trained "investigative reporters" downing their martinis and New York strip steaks at the National Press Club ever heard of these empires. They have come and gone. Babylon-Bagdad itself veered into oblivion in 2800 B.C. after some three thousand years of prominence. Why are Americans dying in a city which reached its peak three thousand years ago? Answer anyone, anyone. It is because we are embroiled in World War III, stupid. A new crusade from the 12th century, in which Christians and Muslims rush like lemmings into mutual destruction, while the instigators wait on the sidelines, enjoying the gladiators in our modern Coliseum, the television set.

Two names are never mentioned in contemporary accounts of this imbroglio--Woodrow Wilson and Ronald Reagan, yet they account for the entire story. You can throw in the ubiquitous FDR and Wilson's mentor, Colonel House, and you have it all. Why was Ronald Reagan accorded a Pharoah's funeral when he passed away recently? He was honored as the maestro of World War III, which he arranged during his Presidency. Reagan is revered for his monumental feat in ending the Communist "threat," which he did by a simple act-he cut off the flow of cash from the taxpayers of the United States, an unending stream which had been launched by Woodrow Wilson in 1917, and which ended in 1989, aided by Senator Joe McCarthy's astounding discovery that the world headquarters of Communism was not in Moscow, as we had been taught since childhood, but in Washington, D.C., the headquarters of our fake money, the Federal Reserve System. When Joe began to rattle the branches, the money tree stopped its manna, and the dreaded Soviet empire, unable to survive for a single day on its own, quickly joined the Sumerians and Assyrians on the dust heap of history.

This should be enough of a history lesson for one session, but I will go a bit further. How did the Hollywood sycophant, Ronald Reagan, arrange World War III? He was an actor, all of whose scripts were carefully written for him. And so was this one. When he was elected President in 1980, a day of despair for the doomsayers, the same ones who greeted Bush's re-election as the end of this world, which they would celebrate by moving to Canada or Australia. Reagan made his triumphant entry into Washington, accompanied by a carefully selected and trained "advisors" who had been recruited from the Hoover Institution at Stanford University...its full name is the Hoover Institution of War, Revolution and Peace, I am the only historian who has ever accounted for its miraculous growth as THE think tank for all think tanks. After World War I, the Rothschilds realized that someone might actually find out how World War I made its unexplained appearance on the world scene. These clever bankers hired 400 recently discharged U.S. Army Officers to travel around Europe, carefully gathering up all documents which might reveal their complicity in the war. These papers are stored at Stanford University. The name of the think tank had no connection with J. Edgar Hoover, but with the sainted former President, who was revered in Russia as the saviour of Communism, with Russina Relief in 1921, and again in subsequent relief efforts. Because of thie revealing connection, a quickly manufactured story, which became gospel, claimed that he was a fanatical anti-Communist, which the gullible believe today.

Who is the present Bush's closest advisor? Condoleeza Rice, his newly named Secretary of State. This is the same Rice who was Provost of Stanford University. Once again appearing in Washington is Robert MacFarland, who was Reagan's National Security Advisor. It's the same cast, folks, replaying the Life and Loves of Andy Hardy. The farm boys know nothing of this. They will never know it. But they have their moment of glory, when CBS news honors them for three seconds each evening as Our Fallen Heroes.

The Hoover Institution quickly gained fame as the final resting place of our greatest Trotskyite Communist, under the aegis of Sidney Hook and his partner Seymour, heroes of the Trotskyite memory squad. They snickered for years at the manufactured reputation of the Hoover Institution as the headquarters of anti-Communism, where only real Communists were welcomed. I was never in its walls. Also revered is FDR and his protege,' Alger, whom he called "son." Alger Hiss was one of FDR's personal assistants; the others were Lauchlin Currie and Harry Dexter White. All three were named before Congressional Hearings as known KBG Agents for Stalin. Alger Hiss has now come into his full glory as the founder of the United Nations, so we operate under his aegis today. Forgotten is our outdated Federal Reserve Constitution, with its mediaeval tokens of account. In our future, money will be food stamps and coupons. None will be fed who does not bear the Mark of The Beast. But tell us, Eustace, how do we get out of Iraq? Where is the exit door? I'm sorry folks. There isn't one. We got out of Vietnam by the skin of our teeth, in waiting helicopters. Helicopter engines don't work in the sand. We have not yet found Ali Baba's cave in Iraq. The jewels vanished two thousand years ago.

Moving from fantasy to reality, we come back to the real world, where a fanatical band of conspirators, known in Washington as "the chicken hawks," younger men without military risks who did not hesitate to order American youths to the Middle East to bring the dream of world conquest to fruition. All of them are well known in political circles, where they are known as "chevaliers sans reproche," because no one dares to criticize them. The names Feith, Libby, Billy Crystal of Hollywood, or Billy Kristol, son of Irving, one of New York's most venerable Socialists, and Richard Perle, renowned in Washington for his sobriquet, "the Prince of Darkness," proceed on their chosen path, willing to risk all for Israel, and dedicated to risking all America for Israel. They may be at greater risk than they know, as the Nuremberg Trials tried, convicted and executed German leaders for "planning and waging aggressive war" after World War II. What follows Word War III? And why is Bush's cabinet hastily resigning? Not only did the conspirators attack the very foundation of civilization at the juncture of the Tigris and Euphrates, then disguised their conspiracy by saying it was a quest for oil. No oil has been forthcoming.

Historians will record that at the Sixth Zionist World Congress at Basle in 1896, an impassioned speaker painted a glowing picture of three world wars, and after the third, the delivery of the world into their hands. We are now in the Third World War. Will humanity take the hint, and move for its own survival? Or is this a trivial question?



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